Friday, April 9, 2010

Photo of the Week,

Here is the Photo of the Week:

Glamorous Sharon in "Valley of the Dolls."

Here is another fan of Sharon's showcasing a video from "Don't Make Waves":

Sharon with co-star Dave Draper.

I found an interesting blog that has a woman talking about knowing Sharon in the early 1960s:

Sharon in a photo taken by Walter Chappell.

Ayala at Friberfanatics (who is working on her autobiography):

The Sandpiper was being filmed up the coast, over the side of another cliff in a little cabin built there for the purpose. Locals snorted– it was badly located, and everyone predicted it would never survive the winter storms. An interminable stairway had been built to access it, and we’d watch two people haul Elizabeth Taylor back up after the day’s shooting– she had been dieting heavily for the film, and had absolutely no energy as result.

Big Sur where "The Sandpiper" was filmed.

Marty Ransohoff was directing, and had brought his protege Sharon Tate along so that Walter (Chappell) could shoot her portfolio. I have never met, before or since, such a beautiful woman. Once I saw her put on her shoes in front of those huge windows over the sea– the web of skin at her Achilles’ tendon was so fine, the sun shone right through. And her beauty was not just skin deep; she had a simplicity and a purity about her that floated ‘way above Hollywood and its trips, even past Marty and his baser designs. Once I had to bring her a towel when she was taking a shower– she seemed so delighted to be naked around another woman. The studio owned her body otherwise– I doubt they even noticed her soul.

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