Friday, April 16, 2010

For Friday April 16, Photo of the Week, More New Books, New Vintage Translated Article: Sharon Tate and the "Hollywood Star System", A Dedication Video to Sharon and her baby, A Look Back at the Year 1969, End Game For Roman Polanski?

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Here is our lovely photo of the week:

From Photoplay magazine.

Here are some items contributed by Sharon fan Micaela:

Two new Spanish books that mention Sharon:

Polanski: Un Genio Maldito (This one is translated: Polanski: An Evil Genius).

Sangre en el Paraiso by Manuel Penella (Title translated: Blood in Paradise).

If anyone has read these please let us know what you think?

And a new vintage translated article:
King Magazine Italy 1966

$500,000 for Sharon Tate

Now look at her, this is Sharon Tate, incredibly lovely, delightfully blonde and sure of herself.  Ready to front the paths of the glory of celluloid.

Well, we must reveal to ourselves the secret: she is the classic product of the rigid "Hollywood Star System."

Sharon was, two years before, a simple lovely girl but no more.

Its luck is due to one man alone: of the noted Martin Ranshohoff, director of Filmways, a mass-producer of TV series. 

Immediately Ransohoff put the young Tate under contract for seven years and spent $500,000 (that is 300 millions of lira--Italian money).  For such a young lady Sharon began very hard work: lessons of song, dance, diction and performance.

When the $500,000 had been spent, from their ashes was born Sharon Tate, the star of tomorrow.

This is a Sharon that is beautiful everywhere and not afraid to show herself undressed.
In little time, we will see her in a film with Tony Curtis and Claudia Cardinale called "Don't Make Waves," a film tease of the crazy life in Southern California.

Many the shots here, all of our Sharon, show her in a small, colored bikini. 
If you were to ask the young lady Tate today what was the thing that makes her laugh about her life, the sculptural girl answers without hesitation:  "It was when, after seeing he had spent the $500,000, that Mr. Ransohoff had me do parts in five or six different series on TV with a black wig on."  *Even though he had spent so much money on her she was still starring incognito.

After "Don't Make Waves", Sharon Tate is ready for the big producers.

At present, she just finished filming "The Fearless Vampire Killers," directed by the teacher of fear, Roman Polanski.

In the latest issue of Playboy and from the set of the film, Sharon Tate appears nude.
Thanks so much for these two items, Micaela!

Here is a lovely dedication to Sharon and her baby Paul:

Serge Gainsbourgh and Jane Birkin: One of the great 1960s couples.

A nice article on looking back at 1969:

And an interesting new article on Roman Polanski:

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  1. Thank you, Micaela and Mike!! Great article. It was ironic that Sharon's producer still had her incognito after spending 500k. He was waiting for the perfect moment.