Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For Wednesday, March 31, 2010: Interesting Quote from Polanski, A Great Video Montage of Sharon, and Sharon, Roman on Playboy After Dark and Another Pierce Brosnan Interview

Here is an interesting quote I found from Polanski:

“I’m not a fortune teller. I would like to be judged for my work, not for my life. If there is any possibility of changing your destiny, it may only be in your creative life.”

This quote comes from a discussion about his film "Chinatown" from here:

Here is a sad but very interesting montage on You Tube that has an interesting interview with Debra Tate:

And if you haven't seen this Playboy After Dark interview please go here:

Here is one of the highlights of the interview:

“I was arrested, I was arrested on a train,” Tate chimes in breathlessly. “My dress was like to here,” she gestures high on her thigh. “I said, ‘If you stop opening the windows and looking at us, you wouldn’t ever know I had a short dress on!’”

Hef asks Tate how she feels about doing nude scenes.

“Well, I feel that if it’s a real scene,” Tate responds, “and it’s an honest scene, and if it’s something where you’re stripped naked that you would be doing naturally, you know, making love, which is natural, taking a bath, you know, that’s lovely, you know, if it has a reason for it, it’s beautiful, but if it’s contrived, then, you know, it becomes vulgar.”
And here is another Pierce Brosnan interview mentioning Polanski and "The Ghost Writer".  Everytime I think he has said everything about this subject, I find something new in these interviews:


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