Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For Saturday April 3, 2010: Photo Comparison of the Week, Rare Photo of Sharon and What do Sharon and Edie Sedgwick have in common?

Here is the photo comparison of the week:

On Television's Nat Geo, Mireya Mayor is doing a special on Gorillas.  For more on this go to this link:


Mireya reminds me of Sharon because of her simple style: hair parted in the middle, a nice tan and pretty without makeup.  And they both adore animals as shown in this photo:

Here is a rare photo of Sharon being interviewed aboard the Queen Elizabeth the 2nd Ocean Liner for publicity for "Valley of the Dolls":


And what do Sharon and Edie Sedgwick have in common (besides being great fashion icons?) ?

Apparently both owned leather or that type of fabric upholstered rhinos:

Roman and Sharon setting on their rhino.

Edie standing on top of hers.

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