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Remembering Sharon Tate from a young age; One person who knew her and another who admired her from afar and Sharon as a Babe of Yore

Found some rare glimpses into Sharon on the net tonight that I thought I'd share...
Remembering Sharon:

Former Hollywood talent agent Chappy met Sharon when he was seven years old, and remembers her well. The following is Chappy's memories of Sharon Tate and the affect her murder had on him.

I met Sharon when I was little. I was 7 years old and recognized her with my mom at the market. She had on this tight bright yellow mini dress and that was shoulderless, but wrapped around the neck, with a big white vinyl belt she wore around it. Her hair was straight, perfectly combed straight and she had some sort of flower printed silk scarf around her head, that was wrapped around the hairline and underneath her hair. She wasn't wearing it like a bandana on the top of her head. She had big dark squarish-round sunglasses on. I had commented how pretty she was. How REALLY pretty she was, and I remember her saying to my mom, "Oh, isn't he the cutest!"
Then on occassions mom and I would bump into her again at the market. It got to be almost a random thing that she invited us to a cookout at her home.

Sharon was always friendly. You could never say a mean thing about her. She always made you feel comfortable around her.
I remember she had Christmas-type lights around the rail fence, that looked just beautiful at night. Sharon loved to decorate!

Roman was there and several of there friends on-and-off throughout the day would come to and fro there. I might have seen Voyteck and Gibby there, but I was to young to remember! If I bumped into Roman today, I don't think he'd remember me! Too many people came in and out of that place! I remember Cass Elliot from the Mamas & the Papas was there. She smoked alot! Sharon did too! Taryton cigarettes if I remember. She wasn't pregnant at the time! This was about the time her career started off!
I remember swimming in the pool alot and there were at least 4 or 5 dogs roaming about. I remember Sharon's [dog] Prudence...was always running around or in Sharon's lap, and how she'd lick my face all the time.

Prudence that is...not Sharon! Sharon always cradled Prudence like a baby! Hence the motherly instinct. I later learned through Debra Tate in a phone conversation, when I asked her "whatever became of Prudence?" Debra was quiet at first and told me when she learned to drive, she accidentally ran over Prudence when she was sleeping under the car! She felt really sad and guilty about it for the longest time and I told her that Prudence is with Sharon, and her Mom and Patti.

They [Sharon and Roman] had the grill in the driveway and I remember that I always thought it was so damn hot to have a grill there, with the sun beating down.

We went to 2 or 3 of these outings and then my dad was offered a new job and we moved [and] settled in Barrington, Rhode Island.
I didn't learn of the murders till after we moved! People don't realize how heinous the crime was! How violent it was!! People just figure it as another killing without so much knowing the details of it! Doris Tate always wanted people to see Sharon IN the crime & autopsy photos, so they knew how severe the crime was. And if people knew, then Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkle, and Van Houten wouldn't get out!!! Though Houten wasn't in the Tate killings, only LaBianca's!

I din't really mourn about it till years later when I understood about the crime itself, when I started getting back into Sharon memorabilia. I have about 700 some-odd photographs of her that I've collected over the years. In fact, I just won an Ebay item! It was a DVD of the tour of the Tate/Polanski home and the Spahn Ranch. It was suppossibly filmed by "Nine Inch Nails", Trent Reznor who lived there in '93 and '94! So I can't wait to see it and remember it more!

Thanks for this from Vanessa and Elizabeth.
And a blogger remembers Sharon as Janet Trego:

Well, as a young boy (age 6-8 years old) - I loved the episodes with Miss Jane's assistant Janet Trego, played by Sharon Tate. She was really pretty and had a wonderful innocence about her that I found especially appealing. I was way too young to understand all the sexual innuendo jokes and I was a big fan of her white rain helmet hair, a style worn by many of the young women and mothers of the day. And though I did not really know what it meant, I always thought she was really cool. I had no idea who Roman Polanski was or anything, I was just a kid.
And I will never forget the news one day (August 9, 1969) - when I learned that a lady named Sharon Tate, the actress who played Janet Trego on the show, was murdered. And worse - she was very pregnant when it happened, so her soon to be born baby was also killed in the murder. It is hard to describe how awful such things are in the mind of a young boy, but I remember it to this day. And I was a huge fan of The Beatles too, but for a long time, The White Album, filled with songs like Helter Skelter and Little Piggies gave me the creeps for several years. Till I was a teenager - and had grown as creepy as the society I lived in. (for a sample of the times, check out Angels as Hard as They Come, Maybe I'll Come home in the Spring, or Born to Win) - Lots of people thought the "new age" of the 1960s with free love (see Harrad Experiment) and all the new way of thinking was really cool, but as a young kid, I am awful glad my parents were squares.

Anyway - Susan Atkins, the woman who killed Sharon Tate died today of cancer. She was 61. That is all the ink she is going to get from me today. Personally, I would rather remember Sharon Tate, and how I thought she was really pretty when I just a seven year old kid. Nothing nasty like so much of today's world. I just thought she was really pretty, and as one often does at that age, I imagined she was also quite a nice person. Of course I never knew her, but I am happy to remember her today.

Sharon Tate as one of the Babes of Yore:

I certainly agree that she's one of the world's best ever!


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  2. Thanks for sharing what people remember about Sharon. It's really touching.

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    Certamente Sharon Tate foi a mulher mais linda que ja pisou neste mundo..E certamente uma das mais belas que está agora no céu..

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