Saturday, March 20, 2010

Comparison Photo of the Week, Sharon and Bo Derek, "The Fearless Vampire Killers" online and More

Here is the photo comparsion of the week:

Don't you think that American professional volleyball player, sports announcer, fashion model and actress Gabrielle Reece looks like Sharon in this advertisement?

Sharon and Bo Derek?

From the 1967 movie 'Don't Make Waves' with Tony Curtis. The slowmotion, long blonde hair and gold bikini inspired the movie '10' ten years later with Bo Derek.

Has anyone else heard this.  I can see it in the videos below that they are comparible in the sense that Tony Curtis looks at Sharon much like Dudley Moore looked at Bo.
John Derek back in his heydays.

Another thing that Bo and Sharon have in common is that they were both photographed by John Derek (Bo's late husband).

Here is a person who I am in total agreement over Sharon.  He says:
This is a film (The Fearless Vampire Killers) by Roman Polanski. Most film buffs are well aware of his history and the history of his late wife and co-star, Sharon Tate. This upload is meant to illustrate that Art (in this case film art) stands on its own. It is separate from the history and person who creates it. What happened to Sharon Tate was horrible. But, Sharon Tate “is” a beautiful actress, and her performance here is excellent. This celebrates that fact. *now a word for those who watch just to comment on what happened to her. You may not be intelligent enough to realize it. But these comments about her death is an assault not on me (the uploader) but on Sharon Tate. She deserves to be remembered for her life NOT HER DEATH. Those who continuously mention her murderers are just fans( of the Killers), who love the sick horror of what happened to her. *I’m also aware that these comments are coming from a very small group of people here on youtube. (usually the same person on different accounts) I hope this does not distract you too much, or lessen your enjoyment of this wonderful film. Enjoy.

This comes from his site where he has apparently uploaded the film "The Fearless Vampire Killers" :

Shelley Berman today.

Also, as you know I have been trying to contact people who knew Sharon from time to time.  Sometimes it is hard to say who knew her in the Sixties and who didn't?  She and Roman definitely met a lot of people.  So I asked Shelley Berman, who is a comedian, writer, teacher, and actor who is now 84 if by chance he knew Sharon.  He replied kindly, "I regret I did not know Sharon Tate, except by her talent and her horrible death, in our very neighborhood (Hollywood)."  Thanks to Mr. Berman for mentioning Sharon's talent.  I'll let you know what else I find in the future. 


  1. I do think the ad with Ms. Reece resembles Sharon as Pat in "Thirteen Chairs".

    Although I hadn't known before that "10" was based on "Don't Make Waves", I see how it could or may have been. Blake Edwards wrote and directed "10". As you mentioned, both films have that strong infatuational theme and even highlight their two beauties in similar attire and settings.

    There are a few 1968 Cannes Festival photographs of Sharon where she has her hair done "10" style. They are beyond great:)

    Even though Shelley Berman did not know Sharon, he regrets not having known her.

    Thanks for all the stellar posts, Mike.

  2. I found online where someone noted actor Robert Webber being in both films("Don't Make Waves", "10". Plus, I see that Mr. Webber also had an earlier role in "The Sandpipers".

  3. I am sorry to say but unfortunately the Manson murders have made Sharon a bigger star. It's not the pleasant things people want to hear, but it is the truth. She might have blossomed into a wonderful actress like Meryl Streep, and she might have not. We will never know - but her short career was made more memorable by her awful death. If she were still alive would there be a hype about her? would as many people know who she was? It's hard to say, but chances are she would have become like many other actresses from the 60s. It's a touchy thing to say but when you put emotions aside, it is not something that seems out of the ordinary. For the record I think Sharon is great

  4. sharons career was JUST starting when her life was tragically cut short. there is no doubt in my mind that had sharon lived, she would have ranked right up there with the best 60s/70s actresses and sex symbols of all time like raquel welch, brigitte bardot, ann-margaret, ect. in "the wrecking crew" you can see that she had a flair for comedy and in her last film "the 13 chairs", you can really see her growth as an actress. ive heard a alot of people say that. not only was sharon a great actress, but she was breathtakingly beautiful and everyone that knew her said she was one of the kindest souls that they had ever seen. whether sharon made 1 movie or 100 movies or was a starlet or hollywood royalty is irrelevant. she touched alot of people in the short time that she was here and will NEVER be forgotten!