Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quote of the Week, A Fan Dedication in Photos, Keira Knightly in the March Elle Magazine and more

Here is the quote of the week:

Sharon's friend actress Mary Winters:

"When I think of Sharon, I remember all the happy memories, so loving, vulnerable, and very disciplined when it came to her career. She was very family orientated; we'd often drive to Palos Verdes Estates
and have dinner with them. She was especially close to her mother. Sharon evoked a kind of warmth. Everybody felt very protective towards her. I guess we lived at the Hollywood Studio Club for about six months, then Sharon took an apartment on Fuller street in the building that Richard Beymer's mother managed."

Here is a lovely 3 part photo series on Sharon from a fan:

On the top of the page see Especial Sharon Tate - Parte 2 and there is a 3 as well.

Keira on the Elle cover for March.

Sharon Tate look-a-like, Keira Knightly appears on this month's March edition of Elle magazine.  She has appeared on Elle before and I found a quote from her that was interesting:

Asked if the Oscar nomination for "Pride and Prejudice" had changed her life?

Knightly: "For ages and ages, everybody was going, 'Oh, she's just a pretty face.  She absolutely can't act.'  And I was going, 'Well, maybe they're right; I don't know.'  So that (Oscar nod) at least shut them up for a while."

This is the magazine that the quote comes from.

This reminds me of some of the people who have said the same thing about Sharon.  'Oh, she's just a beautiful face, she never could act.'  I really genuinely think that had Sharon lived, she could have proven all these people wrong too.  But, unfortunately, we'll never know.  I think she did well in the films she did make, don't get me wrong.  But I think she would have really shown us so much more.  She certainly was on her way up and out of the contract with Ransohoff so she could do more classy films like "Tess" to showcase her acting talent.

Here is Andrea's page of montage videos of Sharon:

Be sure to check them out. 

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