Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Hairdresser and his Dresser Wife Remember Sharon Fondly...

I have interviewed another couple who knew Sharon.  Harold Leighton did the stars hair and his wife Maxine dressed the stars in London in the 1960s.  Harold and Maxine (yes, they were and are still married) had quite a client list that included: Joan Collins, Raquel Welch, Julie Christie, Romy Schneider, Ursula Andress, Dusty Springfield, Marlo Thomas, Glenda Jackson, Natalie Wood.  And the men included: Charlie Chaplin, Woody Allen, Rod Steiger and Dudley Moore and so many others!  The list of men and women go on and on.
Harold and Maxine early in their relationship.

They both remember Sharon fondly and say she had a great sense of humor.

Harold says: "God bless her, one of the most perfect women. One of the most beautiful women of her era if not the most beautiful! She was fun to share time with with such great humor.  She was sharp and we have very fond memories of her and being with her."
With their sons here.

Maxine says: "One of our most gorgeous clients was model Sharon Tate. She was the most beautiful looking woman with a faultless body and glowing skin, even without one jot of makeup on her face. On her first visit to the boutique, she came with her film producer lover Martin Ransohoff.

“Martin introduced himself to me as her mentor and producer. ‘I want Sharon to come here whenever she needs new clothes,’ he said. ‘I have heard so much about your look and taste Maxine, so please give her whatever you choose, no matter the cost.’

"Sharon said: ‘I love that Sonia Rykiel sweater and knitted skirt,’ – and with that she took off the shirt she was wearing and dropped her skirt to try on the clothes. Low and behold, there was not a bra in sight – only the most perfect boobs and just a G-string in satin and lace! I have never seen such a wonderful figure on any woman."
One of Harold's hair styles from the 60s. 
Harold adds that "she was understanding if you did not have her size of garment, that would make her come back in the following days when another shipment of merchandize would arrive from Paris." 

"She came into my boutique every other day," Maxine continues,"sitting down for a chat and ending up with a bag full of goodies! Every time she walked into the salon Harold was informed immediately and would rush upstairs to have a coffee, chat and plan a photo shoot."

...And another...

"Our boutique was on Hampstead High Street in the 60s," says Harold. "Sharon became a fan of Maxine’s ‘French Look’ and shopped almost weekly. She could not stay away and then Maxine sent her down to my salon under her boutique and I did her hair and later I did her hair for her Wedding at the Chelsea Register office on Kings Road. When you see the photographs of her being married to Roman Polanski--that’s my hair with all the flowers in it."
...And another.
There are some wonderful photos taken of Sharon with jewelry and such in her hair.  Harold also did her hair for these shots.  "Roman Polanski told me he wanted to give her some jewelry for their first anniversary.  I was there when thousands of of pounds' worth arrived at her flat for her to choose a one.
" 'Let's cover her with the jewels for a photograph,' Roman said and he was right, it made a wonderful study. 
Sharon with Harold during the famous jewelry photos.
"At another session, Sharon was all but naked, and I was nervous about doing her hair.  With her impish sense of humor, she decided to make things worse for me.
"She sat up like a lovely, half-naked bear, wrapped both arms around me and said, teasingly: 'Now Harold, does that make you happy?'
Harold today.
"We had such fun.  It was the hub of French fashion in Hampstead and in today's market would have been the shop where the Paparazzi would live outside the salon and boutique."

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  1. Bless Harold and Maxine for interviewing with you, Mike! Their memories of Sharon are priceless. I love all of it. Harold did Sharon's hair for her wedding. Thanks to all of you.