Monday, March 15, 2010

Polanski's Wife to Appear on TV Show in Poland, Gary Oldman Will Never Appear as Manson for the sake of Sharon's family, and new Art Work for sale on Sharon and More

Emmanelle Seigner will appear on TV Show in Poland:

Polanski's wife says their worst moments are over

WARSAW, Poland — The wife of Roman Polanski says she believes the 32-year-old sexual abuse case against her husband will be finished soon.

French actress and singer Emmanuelle Seigner, 43, is to appear in a TVN24 interview in Poland on Monday and the station ran some clips before its broadcast.

The 76-year-old Polanski was arrested in September on a U.S. arrest warrant and is under house arrest in the couple's house in Gstaad, Switzerland, pending an extradition decision.
Seigner says their life is "not ideal" but is "good" because Polanski can see their two children, Morgane and Elvis.

She says she believes the matter will be "solved and over pretty soon" and that the "toughest moments are behind us."

The singer is in Poland to promote a new album.

Hit the link above for more photos of Emanuelle singing.
Actor Gary Oldman was recently asked what roles he has turned down through the years and he said:

"Well, I was once asked to play Charles Manson but I wouldn’t do it as courtesy to the Tate family. I was also asked to play Adolf Hitler but neither did I do that."

I wonder if he knows the Tates?  Or just didn't want to do it out of respect for the family?

For the rest of the interview go here:

Here is a Sharon Tate Art Piece for sale online:

Great Sharon Artist Kerstien Matondang has added some new art of Sharon around her boarder on her You Tube Site:

Be sure to check out her latest video of Actress Romy Schneider (just click on the link above).  I wonder if Romy ever met Sharon?

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