Friday, March 12, 2010

Photo of the Week, A man fondly remembers Sharon but not so for Roman, Valley of the Dolls on the Manhattan stage, and Kim Cattrall says Polanski 'doesn't do anything on a whim.'

Here is the photo of the week:

I dedicate this to Muriel who shares so many of her great photos on The Official Sharon Tate Board:

Here is a man who remembers Sharon fondly but does not have such nice things to say about Roman:

Tate and Polanski had gone to Europe the day after Manson first met them in March. I met them in July of 1969. At the time I was working in a pharmacy in Gloucester Road in London. One day Tate and Polanski brought a roll of 35 mm film into the pharmacy to be developed. I told them that the film would be ready in two days time but they did not return. Tate was obviously pregnant and stunningly beautiful. I showed all the other people who worked in the pharmacy Tate's photos. They were typical tourist pictures taken by Polanski of Tate posing in front of all the tourist spots in London.
A few weeks later I heard of that Tate had been murdered. I went to get her photos only to find that they had been stolen.

Yes, it was the same pharmacy in which I met Snowdon.

At that time Polanski was 36 and Tate was 23. He was a creepy little garden gnome and Sharon was a tall willowy blonde beauty - obviously the gnome's "American trophy." She was lovely, open, friendly and "radiant with pregnancy" as they say. He was a shifty-eyed weasel; one of those dirty creeps who makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck and causes your testicles to shrivel up.

There is a web mention here about the Sharon Tate mystique.  Apparently they are having a "Valley of the Dolls" stage production:

And Kim Cattrall says Polanski 'doesn't do anything on a whim':

Another article on Cattrall where she mentions Polanski:

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. i had a good laugh reading how he described roman. He really is a creep and did'nt deserve such an angelic woman.