Thursday, March 4, 2010

Debra Tate Disturbed to Find Murder Scene Items Used in Exhibition, Rare Photos of Celebrities, and Some Rare Videos

I got the computer tonight and was surprised by the news that the LAPD had items on a display at a homicide investigators conference in Las Vegas that were very graphic and 'too close to home' for victims.

Apparently, the rope that hung Sharon and Jay was on display and even Robert Kennedy's shirt from his assasination was there.  There were also some weapons used at the Manson murders on display.  The items have since been removed.

"This is supposed to be a learning experience," Police Chief Charlie Beck told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "It wasn't intended to cause anyone grief or to be prurient or salacious in any way."

 Debra Tate, the sister of Sharon Tate, said she and family members of other victims should have been notified in advance that evidence was going to be shown.

"A little warning would have been nice so we could prepare ourselves emotionally," Tate said. "It's part of the insensitivity the department shows toward victims. We're being victimized over and over again.

"From my perspective it's very disturbing. Number one, I didn't get any notice that this was going to occur.

"These are very personal artifacts to me. These are things that bring back horrible memories, not only for myself, but other Manson family victims."

Tate plans to complain to the LAPD. However, she said she understands the value of the exhibit.

"I understand using it as a teaching tool and keeping the public aware of how heinous these murders were," she said. "From that aspect it's very important."

For the complete articles that the above information comes from go to these sites:

Here are some very rare photos of celebrities including Sharon and some of her friends:

Here is a video dedication to Jay and Sharon:

And here is a dedication to Doris, Patti and Debra:

And Emmanelle Seigner and Morgane Polanski fans of 'Sex and the City'?  :

More exclusive clips from Polanski's "The Ghost Writer":


  1. The lapd have been useless for years including the king riots and the oj trial. These items only draw sick people who enjoy seeing weapons of death. They should be destroyed or stored away forever.

  2. Dear Debra, I myself was appalled and disgusted by the insensitivity shown towards yourself and other family members of victims in the displaying of items used to kill innocent people. I am somewhat sceptical that these were displayed under the guise of "teaching tools" or "learning experiences"...these simply smack of sensationalism to me. Having said that though, the display of such items (distasteful and distressing as they are) serve to remind the public of the heinous crimes that were committed and why certain killers, such as the members of the Manson family, should stay incarcerated behind bars.

  3. i dont like the way people portray sharon tate as a bad person,about comments she made to others during her life,people know her beauty
    on the out but were she was really beautiful was on the inside,she was so good on the inside that it was hard fo her to believe that
    everyone wasnt as good as she was.thats why she accepted everyone,everyone and everything was in some way or another beautiful to her.
    she was vunerable and people like to take advantage of her beautiful memory,just beause somebody has a little bit of a wicked sense of humor does not mean their a devil worshiper,
    sharon had a class all her own and was very classy on the inside,and the heart of a little
    girl she would never not want to stay young at
    heart.sharon did not know her own beauty its like that song people can sing an think of her and its called she dont know shes beautiful.

  4. and they should not of put that stuff on display thats just tacky and trashy,its a really sad thing when people get the rights do to that.

  5. thank you for this beautiful site it is acurately touching like no other i have seen

  6. by the way debra tate is a wonderful person and
    people should not scorn her name or words.she has
    been through so much in her life and has fought
    hard to keep sharon voice alive,she is like a private voice for sharon.she is a beautiful
    woman on the inside and out and has done some
    pretty remarkable work,there is a song by bryan
    adams called everything i do i do it for you,
    when i think of this song i cant help but think of the amazing debra tate,she is a goddess in my eyes she has a beauty and strength an loving heart that are hard to find in life..she just has a glow that surrounds her.thank god for heros like her.

  7. It appears the items were not even shown "publicly".

    It states:
    "on a display at a homicide investigators conference"

    Surely they were not the only departments to display items at this homicide investigators conference.

    I live close to Dallas, TX. I remember the day in 1969, when I saw this case on the news. Since that time, I periodically still read about her and the case.

    But in regard to this, I believe it is going overboard, to complain about items on display at a homicide investigators convention, when it doesn't even have anything to do with showing anything publicly. And that's right, it would be a learning tool for investigators. (in order to help in regard to other cases.)

    I have to disagree with you about this one.

  8. There is no doubt that Sharon loved Roman deeply and he her, but without any disrespect to anyone, it must also be said that Jay Sebring was deeply in love right up to the day he died trying to protect her.

  9. Let Sharon and her baby rest in peace.