Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More on Sharon's supposed affair?, Oscar fashion Sharon Tate style, Sharon Tate tribute and Polanski knows how to enjoy life

From yesterday's post I found this in a 1980 biography of Polanski:
Note: This is from the Polanski biography by Thomas Kiernan (so you may take it with a grain of salt):

Supposedly a friend of Sharon's--it doesn't say who--said this:
"While she was in Rome she had an affair.  She came back and told me about it.  She was proud of herself.  The man didn't mean that much to her, she said, but the fact that she'd done it made her feel good about herself.  She could play the same game Roman played.  But she never told him, for fear of how he would react.  And as far as I know, he never found out.  One of the reasons she did it was because he wouldn't go to Rome with her.  He claimed he had to be in  London, but she knew that he just wanted to be away from her for a while so that he'd have the opportunity to carry on with his own sex life without her finding out about it.  He still had plenty of girls waiting around him, and she knew he was still fooling around, despite her pregnancy.  So she just went off and had her affair on her own initiative.  It wasn't so much to punish Roman as it was to get even.  I remember her saying, 'Well, now I've gotten even with him, I feel better.'  He didn't have to know.  In fact I'm sure to this day he doesn't know that Sharon was unfaithful to him in Italy."

Whether this is true or not is up to the reader.  The thing that corresponds with what Jones said yesterday is this:

If she did have an affair with Jones, it apparently didn't mean much to her. 

Jones did say that when Sharon got back to LA she "got there, she called my manager a couple of times but she didn't ask to talk to me, which got me a little pissed off."
Speaking of books on Polanski here is a list that includes biographies and books that include Polanski in them:


Sarah Jessica Parker dressed "Sharon Tate-esque" in the opinion of this blogger:


Maybe a sort of 'Valley of the Dolls' look?
What do you think?

Here is a tribute to Sharon via videos:


This blogger said this about Polanski:
Some years ago, at a private screening here in Paris of The Queen by Stephen Frears (my job has very often lovely side effects), I was lucky enough to be seated very close to Mr. Polanski.

I rarely heard somebody laughing so much and in such a loud way watching a movie.

He laughed like a person who knows that it is better to enjoy the present moment, to enjoy what we have while we are having it.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring….


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  1. I have read that book but only halfway because of all the exaggerations and the lies it said..not a very good book, I must say