Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More on the Warren Beatty Biography and Articles with interviews from the stars of "The Ghost Writer", Ewan McGregor and Kim Cattrall

I looked a little into the Beatty biography on the net ( since I'm still sick and can't really go out and look at a copy ) and one reviewer says that in the book Beatty almost lived at Cielo (?) :
The infamous 1969 murders of actress Sharon Tate (wife of Roman Polanski) and others by the Charles Manson gang hit close to home for Warren Beatty. He had been approached to take over the lease from Polanski but decided against moving into the house. Had he not declined Warren Beatty might have been one of those murdered that tragic night.

So now not only Leslie Caron says she almost took residence at the place, but Beatty did also?  I hope this is not the start of one of those "I coulda been there that night" senarios. 

For the rest of the review go here:

Don't know how Beatty feels about this book but it doesn't appear to put him in the most positive light.

Here is an interview with the writer Peter Biskind:

Two stars from "The Ghost Writer" talk about Polanski and more:

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  1. There seems to be many people who have "associated" themselves with the murders. Yes they were all friends, but it seems that after the murders all these people claimed that they were suppose to live at Cielo, or they were going to a party at Cielo on Aug 9 (there was no party!) etc... and its just a "fluke" that they were not the victims. I don't buy it. The only people I do think of in terms of being "lucky" are Candice Bergen and Terry Melcher since they actually lived there, and could very well have been living there in Aug 1969 if they hadn't broken up (which is supposedly why they moved out) I think the rest are just looking for more attention