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Rare French Sharon Tate Article Translated, Chuck Norris and "The Wrecking Crew" and that particular song by the Beatles...

Here is one of the translated articles I had done recently.  It looks to be from a French magazine but not sure which one.  It must be around the mid sixties.

I was sad for Kim Novak...
The other day when I was talking about Sharon Tate, one of my friends told me:  She would make a perfect Juliet, don't you think?  I'm not sure of her talent as an actress yet but she does have the body to bend over a balcony!

Anyway, Miss Tate didn't wait for that role but she has had a nice career so far.  Just after finishing the film "13",  she began work on her new thriller, "The Fearless Vampire Killers."

She discussed this and more when I interviewed her at the Ritz.  Miss Tate is an outstandingly beautiful girl with big brown eyes wide open like radars, with long blond hair and legs that won't quit, she appears ready for anything. 

Since our last meeting, I notice that her voice seems to be lower and the bottom part of her skirt seems to be higher.

"It's true," she answered.  "I'm taking voice lessons and it has become deeper now but as for my skirt," she says, jumping to her feet and turning to look at herself in the mirror, "I have many more that are way shorter."

"They're going to arrest you," was my reply.

"Not me," Sharon said, "I'm an Aquarius and Aquarian's get along with everyone."

I said, "I'm pretty sure you were engaged to someone the last time I saw you."

"With Jay Sebring," was her answer.  (Mr. Sebring is 33.  He's a Hollywood hairdresser who get paid 15 pounds for a haircut.)  "Now it is finished.  He was trying to dominate me too much.  When I was filming a nude scene in 'The Vampire Killers' he telephoned me and tried to dispute it.

"However, we have stayed friends.  I called him the other day to find out how he was doing.  He told me that now he was going out with a 15 year old girl.  I found that totally immature.
"I told Jay he should be ashamed--a 15 year old! When I was 15 I was still looking for red and white striped flannel nightgowns.  I was dead scared of men.  Jay told me, 'But she's very much advanced for her age.  She knows just about everything.' "

Miss Tate sighs thinking of the strangeness of life as she emptied her cup of coffee in one shot.

"I'm dating Roman Polanski now," Sharon said.  "I have to admit that I never thought that one day I would date someone so intelligent.  He is teaching me a lot of things and shares confidences with me."

She starts biting her nails with an absent look and suddenly she notices what she is doing and looks guilty.

"I should stop doing that.  It's edginess or something like that.  I have a mass of energy inside me that I'm not using."

Do you feel you have gained some maturity in dating Polanski?

"Oh yes, absolutely.  When I arrived in London last year I was terribly shy.  Leslie Caron invited me to a party and I was thinking: What can I say to people that would be interesting?"

"I feel a lot better today.  I'm taking new vitamins from America.  They are big green ones. They're fantastic.  Without them I couldn't make it."

The nude scene that you and your exfiance got into an arguement about, was it really necessary?

"Absolutely, there isn't just one in the movie but three.  I had nothing on me but bubbles (from a bubble bath) but they covered me.  We even evacuated the stage.  The technicians are not peeping toms.  Roman told me: 'You could walk all nude in front of these men and they would not be embarrassed.  They would be embarrassed only if you are yourself.' "

And you were not?

"Exactly," she answered. 

Have you seen any shots of your first movie, "13"?

"Only a few shots," she said.  I felt disappointed for Kim (Novak) that she had to leave the film."  (Novak was replaced by Deborah Kerr in the middle of shooting because of an accident.)

"That (role) would have opened a new door for her career because she can't play an innocent girl anymore and here she had a fantastic role that was made for her.  But at the same time, it hurt her to play a mother when she used to play the type of role I was playing now.  In the beginning she didn't know I was going to be playing in the movie.  She had made herself a star playing these kinds of roles and seeing me now doing them instead of her made her sad.  A few times I noticed she was looking at me and I felt embarrassed.  However, she was always very nice to me.  I really loved her.  Her accident happened at a very bad moment."

I left her on the corner of the street and saw Sharon walking in the direction of the Piccadilly.  Her black eyeglasses on and showing her blonde hair.

--By Roderick Mann
Happy belated birthday to Chuck Norris who turned 70 yesterday.  He was an extra in "The Wrecking Crew" and good friends with Bruce Lee.  Here is an article on him:
What do you think of when you hear the song "Helter Skelter"?  I agree with this man's quote:

When I listen to the song “Helter Skelter”, I do not think of Sharon Tate or her murderers; in fact, I try to not think at all—thinking is the road to ruin when it comes to art. If I end up thinking while listening to “Helter Skelter”, it’s usually of Bono with his perennially open yapper telling the crowd he’s stealing the song back from another crazy asshole rotting away in prison. The thing is, that song was never stolen. Maybe it was given up by Beatle fans distraught over the news that day, but it can’t be stolen—only abused and poorly adapted.

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