Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Poem and more Polanski News

I was thinking about the Tates today and wondering how their Thanksgiving was when Sharon was alive?  So I found this poem to dedicate in memory of them:

Thanksgiving Delights

On Thanksgiving Day we’re thankful for

Our blessings all year through,

For family we dearly love,

For good friends, old and new.

For sun to light and warm our days,

For stars that glow at night,

For trees of green and skies of blue,

And puffy clouds of white.

We’re grateful for our eyes that see

The beauty all around,

For arms to hug, and legs to walk,

And ears to hear each sound.

The list of all we’re grateful for

Would fill a great big book;

Our thankful hearts find new delights

Everywhere we look!

By Joanna Fuchs from this website:

Apparently, the news isn't done discussing the nude photo of Sharon and Roman.  It has now been announced on The Wrap, Movieline Blog, The Boston Herald, The Playlist Blog and The Seattle Times.  I guess since Polanski has made so much recent news that now this photo has become a sensation.  It will be interesting to see how much it goes for and I will post the results as soon as they are available.

More Polanski News:

There is also more news on Polanski being released under house arrest in Switzerland.  "I am very happy and relieved," Mathilde Seigner, Polanski's sister-in-law told Le Parisien daily, adding that the director's imprisonment had "enormous consequences on a psychological level" for his children. After Polanski's release, "we're going to drink a nice glass of Champagne and toast together," she said.

Also, here is Gore Vidal 's take on the Polanski case, which is quite interesting:

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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