Friday, November 13, 2009

Photo of the Week, Woman who claims people tell her she looks like Sharon??? & more

Here is a photo I found of Sharon were she looks very 1960s 'mod'!

Also, there is a woman claiming people tell her she looks like Sharon Tate among a few others?

No offense but I don't see it?  Do you?

Here is a short article I found on Sharon:

Newsweek March 4, 1968

The New American Beauties

Every year another British lovely marches on screen, swings her purse, tosses her mane or hugs the camera, and becomes the star of the year. Before the British were the Italians - sexy, shapely and abandoned. Always there are the French, who come in all styles from the life-loving to the world-weary. But when was the last American actress to electrify the world's moviegoers? Probably you would have to go all the way back to Marilyn to find an answer - that is, until Faye Dunaway came along...

...Unless you're Marilyn Monroe - she had it, and all the bad movies in the world couldn't obscure it - the star needs the right movie at the right time. "Bonnie and Clyde" was that kind of movie for Faye Dunaway, and she was ready for it. All over Hollywood are other girls who are waiting, and looking for their Bonnie, and in the meantime seeking alternate roads to stardom. The ways are many.

...Candice Bergen, Mia Farrow, Raquel Welch, Katharine Ross, Leigh Taylor-Young, Gayle Hunnicutt...

Astoundingly photogenic, infinitely curvaceous, Sharon Tate is one of the most smashing young things to hit Hollywood in a long time. She began as the invention of wheeler-dealer Martin Ransohoff and in her five years on the Hollywood treadmill, she has, surprisingly, made progress. In fact, in her last film, "Valley of the Dolls," she managed to be the only living doll. Now married to the brilliant and volatile Polish director Roman Polanski, perhaps she will begin to fulfill her tremendous potential.

Remembering her husband's "Repulsion", she dreams: "I'd like to be an American Catherine Deneuve. She plays beautiful, sensitive, deep parts with a little bit of intelligence behind them." And then about her past, "They see me as a dolly on a trampoline." Her gorgeous hazel eyes open wide at the thought of Faye Dunaway. "Dunaway!" she sighs. "Oooooooohhhh! She's a woman. She's there, you know it, and there's no way around it." But Sharon Tate is still looking for Sharon Tate. "Sometimes," she sighs, "I think it would be better to be a sex symbol, because at least I would know where I was. But," she adds quickly, "I'd lose my mind."

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  1. People who tell her she looks like Sharon need glasses...