Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Rose for a Rose and more news on Polanski

I found this interesting article on today:

Rose to be named in honor of Natasha Richardson

Friends of Natasha Richardson are planning to honour the late actress by naming an English rose in her memory.

The 45-year-old actress, who was married to Liam Neeson, died in March following a skiing accident in Montreal, Canada.

Family and friends of Richardson have been planning a way to honour her memory, and they've decided on a floral tribute.

One anonymous pal tells Britain's Sunday Express newspaper, "We all want something to remember Natasha and there's no one who better resembles a perfect English rose than her. The whole family loves the idea of having a rose named after her."

I thought it is too bad there isn't a rose named for Sharon.  As it sounds like a wonderful tribute.

Curiously, I looked up Richardson to see what she had in common with Sharon?

Both died tragically at young ages.

Both were loved and adored by many who knew them in the business as well as outside of it.

Mia Farrow was a great friend to both of them.

Both had their official film debuts in horror related material; Sharon for "Eye of the Devil" and Richardson playing Mary Shelley (the author of Frankenstien) in "Gothic".

Both were noted smokers; Natasha quit and-- I think in view of health in the future years, I think Sharon would have quit also.

Both were raised Catholic and their funerals were done in that religion's tradition.

Both were well known blondes.

Both were close to their mothers and families.

Both loved cooking and were very good at it.  Sharon and Natasha both had guests over for dinner and cooked the meals for them.  Sharon was known to have many famous stars in her and Roman's homes in London and in the States.  Natasha and her husband Liam both also had many famous stars to their home in New York, one of them being actor Griffin Dunne (his father, Dominick Dunne, was a friend of Sharon's).

Both starred in television and films (Natasha was also well known for stage roles).

Both had boys for their first child; Natasha with Liam gave birth to Micheal, while Sharon was due to give birth to Paul when she was murdered.

Here is a great website on Natasha! :

Finally, here are some picture comparisons of these two beautiful ladies:

And I think Sharon would have loved Natasha's shirt here:

News in Polanski's Case:

Cash bail offer to be filed for Polanski on Monday:>1=28101

Polanski exhibit draws crowds in Lodz:,1518,658415,00.html

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