Sunday, November 15, 2009

Special Edition of Photo Comparison of the Week: Sharon Tate & Catherine Denueve!

It is interesting to note that many press agencies mistake Sharon photos for Catherine Deneuve and vice versa.  Of course, I'm sure Sharon would love this since she was a Deneuve fan herself.  I've often thought these two could be sisters.  And I'll bet Sharon would have aged well like Deneuve.

So I thought I would assemble some photos of these two stunning women:

Here they are as little girls with Catherine pictured first...

I found so many photos of both women that were alike that I did not know when to stop!  Sorry but that is why this post is late today.  I almost thought about having a 'day 2' of comparison pics between these two.  Amazing!  And amazingly beautiful!


  1. there is a good resemblance but comparing sharon to someone is like comparing the sun to something, it just can't be done. Also, there is 2 incredibly offensive and disgusting pieces of so called art on ebay. They are concert posters for nine inch nails and that other degenerate marilyn manson who manages to mock 2 icons at once. I have reported it already but if anyone else wants to i think it would help.

  2. Loved the comparison shots. I always thought they looked very much alike. Sharon, though, seemed to have a slight smile, where Catherine tended to have a slight frown. Both were stunningly beautiful.

  3. Mike, you really got it spot on with these comparisons. How did you find so many? Thanks!