Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photo Comparison of the Week Story & More News

A Sharon fan sent me this comparison of Sharon to Actress/Model Tasha de Vasconcelos:

The fan who sent this to me said they thought they were look a likes in "physically in beauty and grace.  Tasha seems even look like sharon in her spirit!"

Tasha sounds like she is as kind as she is beautiful in her biography.  Here is her official page if you would like to learn more about her:

New book mentions Sharon:

On flickr, someone has uploaded a photo of the Villa Bella, where the Cielo House used to be:

Sharon pic in new People Style Watch magazine:

Hilary Duff's on the front cover. It's the Nov. issue. Open up the back cover, there's a pic of Sharon in 1965 compared to a recent pic of January Jones.  Anyone seen this?  I just heard about it.  If you find it, please email me a scan.

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