Saturday, November 28, 2009

Photo Comparison of the Week & I Nominate Sharon Tate for Stardom

Here is are photo comparison of the week.  It's Hillary Duff and Sharon looking similiar.  Duff's hair looks great here and it reminds me of Sharon. 

Here is another short article I found on Sharon that I thought everyone would enjoy:

Modern Screen Magazine, December 1966

by Dorothy Manners

I Nominate for Stardom:  Sharon Tate

Yes, she’s the one I told you about in the bikini on the Don’t Make Waves set. Remember the name – she’s going to be BIG. Under contract to Marty Ransohoff’s Filmways Productions, Sharon has more rival producers bidding for her than any new girl in town. The word is out. But she’s not bolting. “I’d be pretty ungrateful if I did,” said the blonde bombshell when we chatted between scenes before I bolted. “The Filmways people picked me off a bench in the MGM casting office waiting for an interview. They tested me, spent a lot of money giving me dramatic lessons and singing and dancing lessons – the works. They brought me along carefully for 30 months before I was trusted with a major role in 13, with David Niven and Deborah Kerr. I’d be some kind of ingrate if I didn’t appreciate the investment.”

That’s the kind of girl Sharon is, grateful. Also humorous. Drawing an orange robe across the bikini, she chuckled suddenly. “I’ve appeared in three pictures, 13, followed by Roman Polanski’s The Vampire Killers in Europe, and now this one. The public has yet to see me. Who knows that I won’t be a bomb?” I’ll take that bet.

Sharon was born in Dallas, Texas the daughter of a colonel in Army Intelligence. Because of her father’s assorted missions, the family traveled a lot. Even spent two years in Italy where she learned to speak like a native. “But I always had my fingers crossed that we’d eventually land in Los Angeles because I had my heart set on being a movie actress,”Sharon said. They did. And she did. And this is just the beginning of Sharon Tate. There’ll be a lot more to tell.

Under the photo it reads: On the way to being a big star, Sharon Tate isn’t likely to forget old pals.


  1. hmm..
    Hillary reminds me more Jessica Alba than Sharon Tate here.
    Beautiful hair yes ! :)

  2. Thank You, Mike. Great article.