Monday, November 2, 2009

Mini Skirt Brawl for Roman and Sharon

Another article I found from The Daily Mirror from February 9, 1968:

Mini Skirt Brawl

Film Director Roman Polanski came back from his honeymoon recently with an arm bandaged and three stitches on his lip.  And the cause of the injuries, it seems was a mini skirt worn by his bride of eleven days--actress Sharon Tate, who is pictured with him at Heathrow Airport, London.  Sharon 24, and Polanski were walking to see a film in Paris when her eye-catching suede mini proved too much for a passerby.  The man looked...and looked again...and then made a grab for Sharon.  Polanski 34, took a swing at the man, a Spaniard.  The Spaniard puched back.  "It was quite a fight, all over the pavement," Polanski said at the airport, after flying in from Paris.  "I got a few kicks and well as punches.  But I gave him something to remember."  Finally, the stranger ran away.  Polanski who married Sharon at Chelsea Register Office, London, went to the hospital to have his badly cut lip stitched.  Sharon is star of the recently released film "Valley of the Dolls."

Here are a few photos of Roman and Sharon during that time.  The first one is the couple at Heathrow Airport:

Here is a cool blog I found that has a quote from Roman about Sharon in miniskirts and about the mini skirt in fashion at the time:

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