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Sharon Tate had to remake "Eye of the Devil" after Novak's departure and more

Here is another article I found on Sharon.  It is American but I do not know what newspaper it is from?  It looks to be about 1965-66:

She Gets Break in Remake: Same Role Twice for Sharon Tate

Hollywood-- (UPI) The opportunity of an actress' lifetime has befallen a fragile, blonde beauty who co-starred in her first movie with David Niven and Kim Novak and now must do it all over again.

She is Sharon Tate, 23, who spent three months filming "13" in London and France after which Kim Novak injured her back and was unable to continue.  Producer Martin Ransohoff was forced to start from scratch with Deborah Kerr replacing the ailing Novak. 

Sharon is now in the process of redoing all her scenes for the second time allowing her to correct the mistakes and awkward moments of the first time around.

* * * *
"I'm really lucky," she said on a brief trip to Hollywood.  "The first time my attention and concentration were easily diverted.  I was destracted by the mechanics of the camera and moves I had to make.

"Now I am much more at ease.  I've been taking voice lessons and I have more confidence in myself.

"The most important thing is working with Deborah Kerr.  I learn something new everyday just watching her perform.  And Mr. Niven goes out of his way to make me feel comfortable."

Few screen performers in history have been able to run through the same role twice, and when it happened, the actor has the advantage of having seen himself in the first version.

Not so for Sharon.

"I haven't seen a single foot of the first film," she said.  "I don't want to because I'm sure it would make me self-conscious.

"But there's no question in my mind that doing the picture a second time will improve my performance 100%.  What's more, they've enlarged my role."

Shron is the daughter of a career army officer and is engaged to be married to Jay Sebring, the man who restyled the Hollywood haircut.  She's also under long term contract to Ransohoff who signed the slender beauty when she read for a role in one of his television shows. 

* * * *

Her previous acting experience was limited to three small roles in sequences of "The Beverly Hillbillies."

"Mr. Ransohoff came on the set, saw me and said, 'Sign that girl!'  I thought he meant somebody else.  I could not believe he was talking about me.  I looked so awful.  I was wearing an orange dress with big patch pockets and my hair was all over the place.

"I still can't believe all this is happening to me.  It seems like a dream," she said.

Okay so was she doing a cigarette commercial or trying out for a part on one of Ransohoff''s tv shows?  I've seen it printed both ways? 

I didn't know that Sharon's part was enlarged when she had to remake "Eye of the Devil."  It looks like Sharon took everything in stride and was thankful for what she had.  A very admirable trait in a girl so young.  But then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from Sharon. And I bet Sharon looked exquisite in that orange dress. ;)

In other news, I've been linked now by another blog.  I have linked others but have not been linked by another blog until now.  The great thing is that it is a nice and fair blog that has many articles on Roman Polanski.  Here is the link:

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  1. I reviewed my vhs(lol)copy of A&E's Biography on Sharon. This is around five or six years old. They interview and or discuss agent Hal Gefsky, Filmways producer Herb Browar, and Filmways CEO Martin Ransohoff. It says that in early 1962 Sharon went to see Hal Gefsky. Hal agreed to represent Sharon on the spot. He got her work in a few commercials. Hal sent Sharon to the Filmways offices to audition for the new "Petticoat Junction" television series. There she met Herb Browar who was so impressed that he immediately called his boss, Mr. Ransohoff, requesting that he meet her(as a producer, Mr. Browar had seen many pretty girls before and had never called Ransohoff about one). After seeing Sharon, Ransohoff had her signed to a contract. If you haven't seen this biography special, you should(if I find it online I will send you the link. I've had no luck so far on YouTube.). I remember a clip of Herb(from another tv special)saying that when Sharon first came into his office that he almost slid off his chair. Herb laughingly said that seeing Sharon "was like a blast".

  2. BTW, Mike. This is another great article. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. This link tells which television commercial work Sharon initially did. I think these photographers in particular were ones Sharon worked with after signing her Filmways contract.