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Dino was too upset to go on without Sharon Plus Roman defends Sharon

I found a message board that was talking about the Matt Helm films.  Mainly it discussed "The Ambushers" but it did say that the films were a success at the time and that the only reason they did not go on to make another was because Dean was too upset about Sharon's death to do any more.

Here are some great photos from the filming on this link:

Here is a new translated article:

Nuevo Fotogramas August 29, 1969

Polanski breaks his silence to defend Sharon

More than two hundred journalists, photographers, and television technicians gathered at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel to attend the press conference called by Roman Polanski. With this act he broke the stubborn silence in which he has been locked up since he heard the news of his wife's tragic death.  He had to fly from London to attend the burial and funeral his wife Sharon Tate.

Why did he decide to call the press?  In a desperate attempt to rehabilitate and to defend the memory of his wife all that has been said about her.  The gossip of drugs and orgies. Polanski wanted to make a counterpoint to the sensationalism and the ease with which some imaginative and unscrupulous journalists have treated the painful, frightening and shocking event.

Polanski appeared downcast, wearing a gray suit and brown tie and had to interrupt his remarks on several occasions when he could not suppress a sob. Here is what he had to say:

"Many friends have advised me not to make any statement to the press, but nevertheless I decided to call you. I have been in showbusiness for about twenty years and, by this time, I have met many people. There has been talk of me on several occasions, I have been interviewed, but I have never talked about matters concerning my private life because it does not lead to anything positive. But on this occasion it is not my reputation that is at stake but it is that of my wifes.  I am doing this for Sharon's memory.

The happiest months of my life.

"When hearing the news of the tragic death of Sharon many journalists wrote hateful things and even said that our marriage was not doing good. That is completely false, within Sharon's last months were the happiest time of my life.

"You all know how beautiful she was, but few know how good she was.  She was vulnerable and could not reject any friendship. In our house we had many parties, we did not spend an evening without friends. Even when I worked, or she worked, we returned home to friends and our dogs waiting for us. Sometimes, due to our work, we had to separate. I did it with an immense regret trying to make jokes to make it easier.

"We had left Hollywood for four months. One director wanted to stay in our house but decided to rent another place by the sea. And in the last minute, Frykowski decided to settle in our home.

"I knew him for a long time. He was a wonderful person. Our friendship started at the time of studying at the Polish Film Academy. Shortly after he became a producer and entrepreneur. When he emigrated he found himself in Paris. Occasionally I gave him money and tried to encourage him. In New York I again met of with him and he was very optimistic. He met Abigail Folger (the coffee magnate's daughter and another victim of the slaughter) and came to California a year ago. Sharon and I often used to invite them over.

"Jay Sebring (the fourth victim) was a great friend of ours. He would come to our house unannounced and make himself a glass of beer.

"Sharon had finished shooting a movie in Rome and came to meet me in London, but I had a lot of work to do and she was six months pregnant and thought our house in Hollywood would be better for her remaining months. So she left on the Queen Elizabeth II. This was the last time I saw her.

"We telephoned each other every day. The phone bill rose to astronomical figures. The last time I talked to her I assured her that I would come here to spend my birthday (my birthday, 36, was the 18th). Within a few hours I heard the news of his murder.

To Sharon the only thing that mattered was the birth of our son.

"There has been talk of large orgies and drugs. True, I have smoked marijuana with Sebring, and Frykowski and Abigail, but I can also confirm that I have not attended any Hollywood party where someone did not take marijuana either openly, outside in the garden or in the bathroom. But Sharon did not take drugs or drink and never even smoked a cigarette.

"The only thing that mattered was the upcoming birth of our son. If you go to our house in Bel-Air you will find countless books on childcare. Sharon and I where scheduled to take courses at the School of Early Childhood Care and I was to accompany her and follow up with some courses. I saw the basket, the outfits for the baby and some gifts she had bought for me. If you go to the house will see blood, clothes for the baby and paint and wallpaper for the nursery.

"This tragedy has revealed that I have many friends. I never thought I had so many. Many have traveled from afar to keep me company now.

"Another thing that has been said these days is that I have sold pictures of my house to a magazine, but I make no comment. I have always agreed to meet the press, to be interviewed, only asking the slightest remuneration.

"Among the many people that I have been touched by for their understanding are the police."

When he was finished with his remarks, Polanski left the room without any further questions or any journalist to obstruct his path for anything further.

He left immediately after the press conference without mentioning weather he would be in Los Angeles or London. United Artists, for which the director is filming 'The Day of the Dolphin', today announced that Polanski has not yet chosen the locations for exteriors. Therefore if he goes on a trip it could be related to the job.

And police continue to investigate the murders.  They have investigated other areas such as Canada a few times and Rome and Mexico are due next.  At the time of writing this information speaks on alleged photographs taken by Frykowski a few nights before the crime.  And at Sharon's house where they had many guests, among them maybe the murderer. Apparently the police have come up negative and asked friends of the victims to identify persons that appear in the photos.

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