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Steve McQueen Picked Sharon Tate as the Next Big Star!

This is a very rare article from a British magazine called Tit-Bits for December 19, 1964:

Showpiece Special: Steve Finds Another Swinger!  By David Hunn

"What makes a star?  The ingredients are as unknown as what two flies say to each other on a window sill.  Either you have it or you haven't.  It's that simple--and that tragic." --Fred Astaire

The question of star quality, magnetism or magic (call it what you will) has intrigued the world of entertainment since kings and queens kept court juesters.

Now David Hunn, the brightest and best-informed writer on the show business scene, tries to find some of the answers from the stars themselves.

He presents today the first of a sizzling series of interviews in which 'the international stars of today' give their choice for 'the stars of tomorrow.'

David Hunn:  Steve McQueen didn't hesitate.  But when he picked his winner he put the lights on a mystery.  His tip for the top is a girl unknown in Britian, a find so hush-hush that her Hollywood studio did their best to stop TIT-BITS taking the wraps off her.

"The name is Sharon Tate," said Steve.

"You've never heard of her, but you will.  She has everything she needs for success, including two qualities that do not often go together--a wonderfully pure simplicity and very great beauty."

Producer Martin Ransohoff--now shooting 'The Sand Piper' with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton--discovered Sharon.

As soon as Steve met her, he wanted her to play opposite him in "The Cincinnati Kid," which he is soon to make for Ransohoff.  It was one swinger's compliment to another.

But Sharon's lack of experience cost her the part.  Steve said: "I even did the screen test with her"--a rare occurrence for a star.

"I was proud to do it.  That girl looks really good.  I'm sure she could have done the part, but of course I don't have the final say."

In Martin Ransohoff's office in Los Angeles I found the attitude: "Sure she'll be a star, but she'll make it when we're ready."

They refused to release any pictures of Sharon, and her agent denied even having any. 

But here we present pictures taken of Sharon with Richard Beymer.

Making a film with Steve would have been a great start for Sharon.

His is one of the most exciting talents in the cinema today.  A casual, gritty actor, he hides a Gary Cooper charm behind a Humphrey Bogart magnetism.

(The rest of the article is a rundown of Steve McQueen's career.)  For more on Steve McQueen click on these links: and

I think it was wonderful of Steve to back Sharon up at a time when she truly needed it.  I think she would have been 'the next big thing' had she lived.

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  1. Wow! Now that's a great article. I sure would like to see the screen test of Steve & Sharon. Thanks for posting this and all the other great new to me things, Mike!!