Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Translated Article on Roman and Sharon

Here is another translated article from Spanish magazine Nuevo Fotogramas for November 15, 1968:

Sharon Tate will make 'western' directed by her husband Roman Polanski

Sharon Tate cinemagraphically promises to be constant news of the upcoming months. For her husband, Roman Polanski, she has to interpret his next two films, a "western" and "science fiction." At least so said Sharon, who is--these days--in Paris where she has been accompanying her husband from whom she is never separated. In a specialized gala premiere, reported on significantly in the newspapers, "Rosemary's Baby," Polanski's latest film was shown. He came to release the film to 'all of Paris', the Polish director who was impeccably dressed and was accompanied by two beautiful women: his wife and Mia Farrow, the star of the film.

"It's a movie with a strange and terribly distressing history," Polanski said, "with some touches of suspense. A couple rent an apartment in a New York neighborhood and that was when strange things happen to them that are increasingly terrifying and build tension..."

Sharon has said Polanski has just rejected an advantageous contract in Hollywood.

"Attempting to return to five-year contract. Apparently, they have not heard that I already lost a few years of my life there and I do not care for anything like that again."

Sharon intends to devote only to European cinema and if next to her husband, the better.

"There are only a few directors who convince me completely in the current cinema," Sharon says. "Roman, for example, can do cinema, but his cinema is apolitical. This to me can be a serious shortcoming. I say it to him constantly but he pays no attention to me. He insists obstinately that he knows what he is doing and doesn't listen to me. It is exasperating..."

For now, Sharon will spend a long vacation in Paris where her husband is preparing everything for their next film together, the 'western.'  The film will be set in the praries of America and shot on some Parisian locations close to the captial.

I wonder what Sharon meant by his films being 'apolitical'?  Was she trying to tell Roman to put some serious messages in his films?  Maybe she was referring to the Hollywood system politics and was frustrated by them?  It seems something must have gotten lost in the translation some how?  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I wonder if, after the 'long vacation', Sharon became pregnant and that put the 'western' and 'science fiction' films on hold.  It makes you wonder just exactly what these films were going to be about and what Sharon's part was to be in them.  Furthermore, it makes one wonder that if she had lived, she probably would have done possibly "Macbeth", "What?" and "Chinatown" with Roman (and maybe even in "The Day of the Dolphin?")  This article makes it sound like she and Roman were planning on making more films together.  It sadly brings to mind what may have been...

It sounds like Sharon's career was just getting ready to be very exciting indeed!

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