Thursday, October 15, 2009

The French Called Her the American Brigitte Bardot and More

I have had another article translated on Sharon.  I also have seen a mention of her a few times in French magazines whereas the press called her "The American Brigitte Bardot."  I will try to have articles translated as I can.

Cine Tele-Revue November 25, 1965 (author name not listed)

A 'Brigitte Bardot' for America?

The United States always tries to come up with their own version of 'Brigitte Bardot.' They have been trying for years now. Hollywood has now found that girl in the person of the young American Sharon Tate. Three years ago, she signed a seven-year contract to Samuel Goldwyn. Since then, she has been kept underwraps waiting for a role that was worthy of her. Thus, she began filming three months ago, a film called "Eye of the Devil" also starring Kim Novak and David Niven.
Here is a photo of this girl of 22 years. You'll see many more in the upcoming months. The money to advertise her is important. Being faithful to her image, as she is being shown publicly now, we show her in a tight-fitting sweater and a very short mini skirt. She says she is finally happy to be shown to the world. For that past two years, she had to train and work without ever having been photographed for public view.
During her training she learned everything from how to do comedy to how to walk in a sexy way. She also has her own personal recipe for beauty. She covers her whole body with oil. No special type of oil, but the kind she also uses for her salads. She gets this wonderful milky white skin from doing this and this key beauty tip will likely be part of her success...
For this photo she reads a book enititled 'Love'. 
Here is the photo in the magazine for your viewing pleasure. ;)

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