Friday, October 23, 2009

Photo of the Week and short article on Sharon

Beautiful Sharon Tate publicity photograph.

Also, I found this article but I am not sure what magazine it is from.  It looks to be from a British Magazine:

Hello. This is She...

The phone rings in Sharon Tate's garden flat in Eaton Square.  She answers "Hello.  This is She..."She is 22 and has just begun on her first film role in J Lee Thompson's 13, a thriller about modern Druids.  Her arrival in films has not been unprepared.  "Oh dear," she says, "I've told this story so often that I have no continuity left.  Anyway, I was in a Los Angeles Studio testing for a commercial and Martin Ransohoff happened to see me there.  He said, 'Take that girl out, we're going to put her in films.' "

Ransohoff put her to school.  Dancing, voice training, singing, body building ("to learn how to carry yourself with an upper look at the world").  It took three years and cost a million dollars.

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