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News on Sharon, More on Polanski, and Photo Comparison of the Week

The news has really been coming lately...

First, Jozy Pollock left me a comment on my past blog entry entitled "Another Possible Film Sharon was an Extra in".  She said:  Sharon appeared as an extra in the film "I Moskatieri del Mare" I I think that is the wrong spelling translation "The Sea Musketeers" starring Channing Pollock, Aldo Ray, Pier Angeli and Robert Alda (Alan's father)"Lo Sheiko Rosso" was shot in Egypt. Hope that info helps. God Bless Jozy Pollock.

So that should set the record straight on that one.  Would love to see the film.  Also, Jozy, if you are reading this please email me at: . I would love to speak with you and thanks for leaving that comment.

There is another mention of Sharon and Bruce Lee on this blog:

Everybody Needs A Mr. Miyagi ... Even Sharon Tate

As these two ultra-rare photos (now on ebay) show, Sharon's Mr. Miyagi was none other than Bruce Lee.

Tate is pictured here learning some basic moves from Lee for her role as Danish double-agent Freya Carlson in the Matt Helm spy spoof "The Wrecking Crew" (1968). That's not surprising. What is is that the Danes had an intelligence service!

The photos were taken on the Columbia Pictures lot (photographer unknown). Love that candy machine to the right.

Lee served as the flick's "karate advisor," and fellow martial artist Chuck Norris made his film debut in it (as a waiter).

Not knowing the extent of Lee's involvement, all of the fight scenes in TWC are pretty laughable. Dean Martin looks like he's fighting a truss and a back-brace whenever he tries kick someone in his too-snug Ban-Rol slacks. And the girls, well, they fight like girls. We had only recently discovered Emma Peel, and hadn't seen the likes of Asia Argento yet.

Don't we all wish our Mr.Miyagi was Bruce Lee?.... I think Sharon was very lucky and don't forget, Sharon introduced Roman to Lee and he also taught Polanski karate.

There are also some more Polanski articles of interest on the net today.  A New York Times article talks about the facts of the case found by the law at the time and this is most likely where Debra Tate got her understanding of it as well.

People Magazine has a current article on the case and reports that Gov. Arnold Schwarzennger has made his opinion known here:,,20309753,00.html

The Harvard Crimson makes another great point about this case:

If the events of last Saturday are reflective of anything, it is the fact that a particularly Hollywood characteristic has gone global: a preference for the bombastic and obfuscating over the studied and measured. Polanski’s arrest is not indicative of a puritanical nation’s irrational desire to force the imprisonment of an aging European auteur, as some suggest. Instead, it likely comes as the result of a single D.A.’s office desire to catch the one that got away. Beneath the vitriolic fa├žades and red-faced claims of noble intentions, Roman Polanski’s recent arrest is little more than bad theater, the likes of which any nation should be ashamed.

—Staff writer Ruben L. Davis can be reached at

The full article is here:

One last article that has some good points as well is:

Photo Comparison of the Week:

I found this new perfume ad and it reminded of one of Sharon's photo shoots:

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