Thursday, October 1, 2009

Debra Tate and Whoopi Goldberg get attacked for defending Polanski and Travilla's Fashion for Valley of the Dolls

Apparently, Debra Tate and Whoopi Goldberg are being attacked for their statements concerning the Roman Polanski decades old case.  Tate and Goldberg to not feel it was 'rape-rape' and there are some protesting this on the internet saying that "oh yes it was!"  I must point out that I thought Debra said that when the justice system looked at the case back in the day that they agreed it was 'consensual' sex.   Debra said this based on the evidence she was presented with.  She also knows Polanski far better than any of us do. 

As far as Goldberg is concerned.  She, as we all do, has a right to her opinion.  Many on the net are trying to depict her as 'not very bright' and judging her on the kind of person they think she is.  I know we all have our own opinions on this but everyone has the right to theirs as well.  Trying to put Goldberg down for her opinion is one thing: you are free to disagree with her.  However, putting her down in other ways in really not fair. 

Since all of this has been so disturbing on both sides, I am reminded that this blog was made to concentrate on the positive side of Sharon Tate.  Even though, at times, we do discuss some other related topics here, I am going to try to make the majority of this blog optomistic.

I have recently found some great rememberance photos and sketches Travilla did for Sharon in "Valley of the Dolls" and I thought I'd share them. 

Travilla, who was a Costume Designer to many stars including Marilyn Monroe, did the designs for Valley of the Dolls.  In Screen Stories 12/1967, he said:

"Sharon Tate is divine, a real find. Just wait and see what happens when the critics and public see her in Valley of the Dolls. Sharon has everything Marilyn Monroe had- and more. She has the fascinating, yet wholly feminine strength of a Dietrich or a Garbo....a classically beautiful face, an exciting figure, the kind of sex appeal and personality appeal to become as glittering a star as Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Elizabeth Taylor."

Recently, in the past few years, Travilla's famous clothes have went on tour in the US and Europe.  I found a few photos from the exhibit showing one of Sharon's dresses.  Please see this great site for more information:
I hope you all enjoy a look back at this now classic film.  Some of the clothes, it must be noted, were not worn by Sharon in the film.  But they still make for a nice dress up photo shoot!

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