Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Someone Who Met Sharon and More News

This is our 100th post today!!! Yeah!!!!!  Okay, now back to normal mode...

This story came to my attention via a relatively new message board called "For Sharon".  Here is the link:

This comes from one of the members there and not from me this time.  Here is what she said:

Someone who met Sharon told me about their story on Youtube:

It was at a friend's house for a small cocktail party and she and Roman Polanski were there along with about 6 other people and when she walked into the room I just stared she was absolutely breathtaking, so so so exquisite, I have never seen anyone so beautiful.  Almost made your eyes tear up from the shine of her beauty. She was wearng a mini lavender crepe dress with puffed short sleevs and matching shoes and in addition to being gorgeous she was so sweet! Just unreal. Polanski fell asleep with his head in my lap which was embarrassing and I was scared she would get mad at me but she was fine with it, apparently she was used to his odd habits. Nothing happened, he just kind of passed out for 40 minutes or so. We lived directly below their house on Cielo and we often had people stop at our house to ask directions to her house which was at the end of a switchback and hard to find unless you had been there before. They had tons of parties so we got used to it.

I had been out late the night it happened and I saw the car the Manson people used, it was parked at the bottom of the switchback leading up to their house, I thought it was kids making out but my Mom said she heard screams, I heard nothing but the acoustics in the canyons are weird. Poor thing, she wanted that baby so bad and the baby could have survived if he had been taken out and cared for.

God Bless her and her baby and all the others who were with her on that terrible night, what a terrible tragedy and waste of young lives.

Just thought I'd share this and tell all of you about another nice Sharon board.

News:  I wasn't sure whether to post this or not?  But it has some quotes from CMG who handle Sharon's image now:

And there is a funny horror fan who has written an article called "Movies Not to Watch this Halloween or I Watched Them so You don't Have to."  He does, however recommend 'The Fearless Vampire Killers' and Polanski's "Ninth Gate" starring Johnny Depp.  Here is the link:

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