Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sharon inspires Rachel Zoe and Milla gets married

Two items to report today:

Sharon inspires stylist Rachel Zoe. She did an interview with Spork Fashion and was asked:

Where you get your influences from?

Answer: Designers. And icons of the 60s and 70s: Marianne Faithful, Sharon Tate, Bianca Jagger, Ali McGraw, Brigette Bardot, Twiggy. But really it’s the designers at the end of the day. YSL, Halston, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld. I look to them to dictate what’s happening and then I interpret that for myself.

I have included a photo of Rachel and she does look like Sharon is an inspiration.

Milla Jovovich got married this weekend. However, I don't see the inspiration for Sharon's wedding dress that she said she would have? I have posted photos from it but her dress doesn't really remind me of Sharon much? Any comments? Still nice to hear Sharon's name mentioned anyway. Maybe she was talking about another type of dress Sharon wore? Or maybe she just inspired the idea somehow?


  1. Although Milla's wedding dress doesn't look like the one Sharon wore, it still looks very Sharon-inspired which is probably what she meant to say. The free-spirited, flowing style, and natural looking hair with a headband and flowers, is very Sharon.

  2. The dress doesn't look anything like her wedding dress or anything Sharon inspired.I don't see how free spiritedness, it looks like all the other wedding dresses out there. The only thing I see that one could say was Sharon inspired and that's stretching it a bit, is her hair was down like Sharon's and there is one or two floral things in her hair, sort of like Sharon's. Upon closer inspection, looks nothing like I've seen Sharon wear, and I've seen probably hundreds of photos of her. I think the dress just took on a whole life of its own and Sharon inspiration went out the door. JMHO.