Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another film Sharon may have made with Roman?

I noticed this week is Roman Polanski's birthday (August 18th) and was thinking about what films Sharon might have appeared in had she lived?

One is the film "What?" or "Was?" also known as "Che". The Internet Movie Database says of the film:

A young American woman (Sydne Rome) traveling through Italy finds herself in a strange Mediterranean villa where nothing seems right. Her visit becomes an absurd, decadent, oversexed version of "Alice in Wonderland", with Marcello Mastroianni as the maddest of mad hatters and Roman Polanski a kinky March hare. (by Dan Navarro)

I wonder if Sharon would have played the Sydne Rome character. Press at the time of filming and afterward, spoke of Polanski's affair with Rome and her possibly being his next "Sharon." Nothing could be further from the truth, as I do not think anyone can or ever would take her place period.

However, Rome was another beautiful lady that Polanski cast in a film written by him and Gerard Brach. The film also starred the great Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni. So that may have been Sharon's leading man. It would have been interesting seeing her in a film with him.

Of course, there are other films she may have made with Polanski, who knows? : Macbeth? Chinatown? Definitely Tess. It is interesting to contemplate even though we will never know really.

Happy belated birthday to Roman!

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