Thursday, August 13, 2009

And more from the Icon Exhibit....


Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Tate’s passing, ICON is an artistic celebration narrated and inspired by a selection of original designer clothing worn by Tate from revered designers including Christian Dior, Thea Porter, Ossie Clark and Yves Saint Laurent. Curated by the Tate Estate, the wardrobe acts as the inspiration and backdrop to the mixed media series by acclaimed artist, Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell.

In ICON, Corbell documents the life of Sharon Tate through a study of the beloved film actresses’ sartorial legacy. The exhibition features mixed media works derived from her fashion; one-of-a-kind large format satin prints, mixed media canvas prints, Polaroid installation with original images and negatives from the Tate photo shoot, limited edition autographed books and apparel.

In a celebration through fashion and art, Sharon Tate’s life, style and love will be honored and remembered with ICON.

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In the summer of 1969 the world was emerging in an awareness of love, where we believed anything was possible. Innocence and idealism pulsed through the veins of Americans. Certain people had embodied this awareness such as the Beatles, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Popular culture was seeded with anticipation of what we could be, and what we could become as a nation and a world. John Lennon’s song ”Let It Be” was just about to be released. Hollywood was at the center of a consciousness revolution through pop-culture and the arts. Our potential was within our reach.

On the night of August 9th, 1969 there was a shift in consciousness that occurred, and all of that changed.

"She had that thing you really can't explain." Director - J. Lee Thompson, “Eye Of The Devil”

When Sharon Tate’s life was taken, Hollywood, America and the world realized that things were not as they appeared. Fear crept into our hearts in the most profound of ways, and the idealistic vision of our world came crashing to a halt. I have been told that Sharon’s death was the end of the 60’s, both physically and spiritually. Those who I have interviewed that were close to her, reveal just how powerful her presence had been. By all accounts she was beautiful, pure and free. It was for this exact reason that her passing had the power to transform our consciousness. Sharon Tate was a symbol of freedom.

The question I am asking is why. Why is Sharon Tate an ICON? Why did Sharon have the power within our hearts to become a symbol for this shift? Why in her passing did we become so fearful? Who was the ICON, Sharon Tate, and why did her life and style speak to us as a culture?

Fear is the only force in the world that feeds off of itself. The opposite of fear, is hope.

It is my aim move from a consciousness of fear to hope. To discover not only who Sharon was in LIFE, STYLE and LOVE; but also to understand what it was about her extraordinary spirit that symbolized our hopes and dreams as a culture then, and how it relates to us today.

In August of 2009 I am honored to explore the life of an ICON, Sharon Tate. With the blessing of her sister and the Tate family, together we will all honor her memory, and discover the LIFE, STYLE and LOVE of an ICON.

- Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

Los Angeles based mixed media artist Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell has a cult following for his elusive and somewhat-exclusive art exhibitions. Corbell tends to exhibit at avant-garde locations and events including Los Angeles’s FACTORY GIRL pre-premier, a comparative exhibition featuring never-before seen Warhols. Corbell’s recent series, WOMEN IN SUNGLASSES, was a highly publicized and followed exhibition.

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