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More from Sheliah Wells...

Here's another article I found. It had to be translated.

Constanze Magazine (German) Dec. 15, 1970

"She Liked All People."

"She looked self-confident and well-balanced. Finally, she seemed to find herself," says Sheliah Wells, the 26 year-old-actress and for six years Sharon Tate's best friend, who has tears in her eyes when she speaks with Constanze about the murder in Bel Air.

"I do not understand how Sharon could get involved with these hippies. But she saw in every person only the good."

In the sitting room of her house in Laurel Canyon, from where one can see Hollywood the elegant Sheilah sits with us. In her arm she holds her eight month-old baby, Amanda Tate.

"Sharon was Amanda's Godmother," says Sheila as she holds her baby near. "And the baby's middle name is named after Sharon, Amanda Tate."

Shelia strokes her baby's hair. She remembers: "Sharon loved children above everything. Actually, she loved all people. In all the time I knew her she never had a bad word to say about anyone. On the contrary: If I sometimes complained about something someone said to me with Sharon, she'd always say: ' I am sure they did not mean it that way.' She was a really good person. She couldn't say no to anyone."

However, this trait could get Sharon into trouble as Sheila also adds: "All these people where always around Sharon ...and I have often said to her that she should be a little more careful in her contact with them. About four weeks before her death Sharon visited me. She said that someone gave a birthday party at her house yet she hardly knew anyone who attended."

Sheila goes on to add: "I want to make one more point about how Sharon could not hurt anyone's feelings. Abigail Folger and Voyteck Frykowski who lived in Sharon's house had drapped an American flag over the sofa in the sitting room." How could any true American take the holiest good of the nation--the American flag and do this as a joke was how Sheila reacted. She asked Sharon, who was educated as an officer's daughter, how she could tolerate this crime to the flag. "Do you know what she answered?" In Sheilah's voice we hear a surprise, when she says what Sharon's reaction was. "She said: ' Yes, I also do not agree with it. But I may spoil Gibby and Voyteck's fun if I say anything.' "

There were also drugs being taken around her by the Millionairess and her Polish lover (Abigail Folger and Voyteck Frykowski). Although most were suppose to be of the harmless kind. Sheila nods: "I remember an evening in July, about three weeks before the murder. I was with Sharon in the bedroom watching television. In the sitting room on the sofa lay Gibby and Frykowski. Sharon pointed at the both and said sighing: 'These people ... I do not understand this, they are always stoned. ' "

But wasn't Sharon known to also partake in drugs? The Hollywood Reporter stated that Sharon had tried LSD and other drugs. Sheila twitches her shoulders. "I can say nothing in addition. With me Sharon has never spoken about these things. Maybe, she has tried out marijuana, but everybody here in Hollywood has. But I am definitely sure: Since she expected the baby, she did not take anything. Sharon was so glad, so incredibly excited about her child, she would do absolutely nothing that might affect or hurt him."

Sheila believes, like so many people in Hollywood, that Sharon was a victim of her own kindness. Because she was not able to make a distinction between friends and enemies, she left herself vunerable.

Of their marriage, Shelia says, the Polanskis "always welcomed you in. Sharon always made everything like a fairytale. They educated themselves together with each other."

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