Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Day in Life of Sharon Tate's Vintage Wedding Dress

I found this very unique and interesting short story written by Sabrina Steyling at:


About the story:

For my latest writing assignment for the Hawthorne Writers' Group, I chose the writing prompt "Write 300 words on a day in the life of an old wedding dress." I'd already had an idea growing in my mind of how I wanted this to "look," and feel that the end result is a lighthearted, silly tribute to a sweet, beautiful lady. I think it would make her laugh, too.

A Day In the Life of an Old Wedding Dress

"Hey, what’s going on? Ouch! Watch where you touch! I’ve been wrapped in plastic and stuck in this trunk for 40 years, y’know…kinda stiff here! Ah, that’s better. Thanks! I must say it is nice to finally get some air after all this time, though you do keep that trunk smelling rather nicely. Hey, wait a second. Who are these guys with the video cameras? You didn’t tell me we were going on TV! How embarrassing! Wait – don’t cry! I’m sorry. I know how special I am to you. It’s because of your sister – your sister wore me on her wedding day. I’m sorry that you were so young when she left you. I really am. Her clothes are the only real memories you have of her anymore. So, if you want to show me off, that’s fine. I bring a big, warm smile to your face? Really? That makes me smile! If I could smile, that is…

I still remember that day – well, of course I should. I was there! It was January 20, 1968 – what a wild and crazy day that was! Everybody loved how your sister looked, especially her husband! Interesting guy, that one. I always thought he resembled a little troll. But your sister…wow. Such a beautiful, sweet girl. I suppose I shouldn’t mind all this attention, the way the paparazzi were swarming around the two of them that day. Everybody wanted a picture of the Grooviest Couple of the Year as they stepped out of the Registry office in Chelsea. I was so glad when we got to the reception at the Playboy Club! The paparazzi followed us there, too, but nobody really noticed because everybody was so busy dancing. All the coolest people in the entertainment industry were there to celebrate – Barbara Parkins, Candice Bergen, Michael Caine, Joan Collins…yup, that was one great day! Your sister and her husband were in such high spirits. It was the best day of my life, that’s for sure."

Sabrina adds: I wanted to write about Sharon Tate's wedding dress because I just love it, but being able to write from the point of view of the dress itself made the assignment even more fun. The part about "You didn't tell me we were going on TV!" came to me because I'd seen an episode of "Inside Edition" where Sharon's sister, Debra, takes several pieces of Sharon's clothes out of storage - the wedding dress being the only piece that she won't allow anyone to try on.

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  1. Hi there! I'm so glad you like my essay. When I originally wrote that, I had just watched Debra Tate on Inside Edition showing off Sharon's wardrobe. It was the perfect inspiration for my assignment! I also have a poem that I wrote for Sharon several years ago; I would love to give both to Debra Tate to put up on Sharon's official site but Debra never responded to any of my e-mails.