Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Short Mini Skirt Poem for Sharon

I found this cute and funny poem :

The Mini-Skirt

by MasterPoet at this website:

Wasn’t watching where I was going

A mini-skirt got in my way

Started my juices flowing

It seems to happen every day!

Ran into somebody else’s cart

Spewing groceries all over the floor

And I knew I wasn’t being very smart

As I chased that mini-skirt out the door!

We all know how Sharon loved mini skirts. She said the shorter, the better. Two of Sharon's quotes about mini skirts are as follows:

"If miniskirts had come in then (when she was in High School) I 'd have worn the shortest one."

"I've worn a much shorter mini in London. That's nothing."
Sharon on Linda Evans miniskirt at The Daisy

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