Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sharon in Art and a tribute in Photographs

I found two nice media pieces that contain Sharon in them.


Roq La Rue
Jim Blanchard
“Personality Parade”
opens Friday Sept 11th 6-9
70’s funk and Italian film soundtrack cuts spun by DJ Vodka Twist

We will be opening a new show on September 11th by artist and painter Jim Blanchard.
Jim is probably one of artists we have exhibited the longest, in fact he was in Roq La Rue’s very first exhibition in 1998! We are pleased to welcome him back yet again for his solo show, “Personality Parade”, featuring his trademark and wildly colorful portraits of off kilter pop icons and on-point idols of true hipness and bad assery. These paintings are so tightly rendered that they look like silkscreen images but are in fact painted by hand. After years of using a pen and ink stippling effect to create portraits from photographs of countercultural icons, Jim started a new series of portraits using a stash of old industrial stickers he had as back ground color fields. This current series melds the two effects (using stickers to create a graphic template which are then removed revealing paint beneath, and his meticulous line work- which sometimes replicates pixels, and sometimes not) to create an exaggerated dramatic quality to his striking graphic paintings. Subjects for this new series include Diana Rigg, Robert Mitchum, Klaus Kinski, Agnes Moorehead, Clint Eastwood, Karen Black, Sharon Tate, Charles Bronson, Marty Feldman, Pam Grier, Steve McQueen, and Lee Marvin.

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This blog shows some great photos of Sharon and talks about her style. It even includes a Sharon comparison photo with another model.

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