Monday, September 7, 2009

Sad events brought back by new documentary

I saw the aforementioned "Manson" documentary tonight. To me it was summed up well by Linda Kasabian when she discussed how senseless it all was. That's the most disturbing thing about Sharon's death is that there was "no rhyme or reason" to any of it. No matter how much we try to understand and research it. None of it makes sense.

I did, however, enjoy seeing Debra talk about how Sharon told her she was expecting. I could just picture Sharon shrugging her shoulders and dancing around saying she was pregnant. Debra said she and Sharon cried and were so happy. Debra ended up dancing with her, thrilled by her news.

The saddest part was when Debra discussed how Roman completely broke down when he found out about the murders. Debra could no longer hide back the tears as she recalled it.

All in all, it was a very sad documentary to me. All of these people's lives destroyed and so many people suffered from all this and still do. For instance, the victims families have to relive that horror every time a parole hearing comes up.

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