Sunday, September 13, 2009

Carole Landis and Sharon Tate

Jacqueline Susann modeled the character of Jennifer North on the real life actress Carole Landis. Sharon played North in Valley of the Dolls, however, the similarities between these two beautiful women do not end there.

Sharon and Carole were close to the same height; Sharon was 5' 5", Carole was 5' 5 1/2".

Both were raised in the Catholic faith.

Both made friends easily.

Both enjoyed England, Carole saying the British "people are wonderful." And Sharon loved it there too.

Both appeared in films that never really got great critical reviews, most reviewers did, however, take notice of their breathtaking beauty. They seldom noticed their acting and comedic potential.
If Hollywood had given both of these ladies more of a chance, they could have been two of the brightest stars in film history.
Both were in their 20s when their lives ended too soon.

Both knew author Jacqueline Susann.

Landis, whose real name was Frances Ridste, chose the name Carole because she was a fan of Carole Lombard. Sharon was also a fan of Lombard's saying that she wanted to be a comedic actress in the Carole Lombard style.

Both women wanted to have children. Landis said: "I'd like to be happily married and have some children" more than anything. Sharon expressed the same thing in interviews.
Both won local beauty contests at very young ages.

Both wanted to be taken seriously as actresses but they were used for blond sexpot roles instead. Sharon jokingly called herself "sexy little me" because of the way she was seen by the studio heads.

Two men who were close friends to Carole and Sharon committed suicide shortly after hearing about these ladies deaths; Carole's friend, actor and set designer Robert Love leaped out of a Hollywood Office Building on the fifth floor and died. Sharon's friend, Hollywood Columnist Stephen Brandt was depressed over her death and took an overdose of pills.

Both died tragically, Landis committed suicide and Sharon was murdered.

Both mother's of Sharon and Carole never fully recovered from their daughter's deaths.

Both women were tragically found dead by their maids.

In Susann's Valley of the Dolls best seller she writes that Jennifer had "a face so naturally beautiful" and that her "eyes seemed warm and friendly." Susann goes on to say of the character:

It was an innocent face, a face that looked at everything with breathless excitement and trusting enthusiasm, seemingly unaware of the commotion the body was causing. A face that glowed with genuine interest in each person who demanded attention, rewarding each with a warm smile. The body and it's encounterments continued to pose and undulate for the staring crowd and flashing cameras but the face ignored the furor and greeted people with the intimacy of meeting a few new friends at a gathering.
Elsewhere, Susann calls Jennifer "the most beautiful girl in the world."

All of that could also be said of Sharon.

If anyone can add more comparisons please leave a reply.

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  1. Sharon and Carole were both so beautiful!!! I loved Sharon's performance in Valley Of The Dolls and if you're a Carole Landis fan you can really see her in that character. Carole's family actually believes she was murdered (another similarity to Sharon). You can read about it on their web site