Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Former MGM Employee Remembers Sharon

I got a chance to talk to another person who met Sharon and Roman while working for MGM Studios in London in the 1960s. Christopher Farries worked for the publicity department at MGM.

"I met Polanski first when he made a film called REPULSION for Tony Tenser. I later became Tenser's Publicity Director at Tigon British Pictures.

"I was with MGM for several years around the mid-late sixties as a Publicist. I met both Polanski again and Sharon Tate at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer British Studios in Borehamwood (now sadly long gone) in about '66/'67 (it is over 40 years ago and I can't remember all the dates !).

"I remember everyone at MGM liked Sharon who was a very sweet-natured girl. She seemed overawed by both Polanski and the film industry. She was very co-operative and regarded well. I thought her to be a delightful, sweet girl and we were all VERY shocked at MGM when we heard of her untimely and horrific demise.

"MGM British Studios was sold off years ago and turned into a meat storage factory and then mysteriously burned down! MGM as a film company no longer exists. The MGM of today is NOT the MGM we all worked for in the '60's."

When I asked about Roman all Farries would say is "I'd rather not discuss his behavior."

"Sorry not to be of much more assistance - but over four decades ago is a long, long time and the world has changed immeasurably since those halcyon days at
Metro in the glorious Sixties."

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