Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo of the Week, More Great Links for Sharon, and Patty Duke Talks About Sharon

Here is our lovely photo of the week:

By Jerry Schatzenberg
It comes from this website:

Thanks to Muriel for the link!!!

Here are some more great links for Sharon fans! :

Patty Duke recently spoke about her career and Sharon:

Thanks for this link from Melissa!

Here is what she says about Sharon:

Patty Duke

Capone (Interviewer) : I had read somewhere that your relationship with Sharon Tate on the film, that she was really the first person to teach you about wearing makeup and doing your hair.

PD: Oh God! First of all she was as much an angel on the inside as she was on the outside, and people like to think of beautiful people like that, especially blondes, as if they are airheads. There was nothing airhead about this lady. At any rate, we had fun. She taught me how to make up my eyes. She wore this pencil thing over her lid and she perfected it and she taught it to me. Unfortunately I didn’t have her lids.

Capone: I think people don’t give her enough credit as an actor either, because her talent was often kind of lost behind this pretty face.

PD: Exactly, yeah. You are so stunned by that kind of beauty, that you often don’t look past it, and I actually thought of all of us, she did the best acting job in the movie, because she never went over the top. She couldn’t have, because I was taking up all of that space.

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