Monday, December 20, 2010

Patty Duke Talks About Sharon in Another Interview, A Great New Sharon Tate Art Sketch and Ever Wondered About the Copyrights of Celebrity Photos?

I found yet another recent interview with Patty Duke talking about her film career and Sharon:

Here is what she says about Sharon: Although the early reviews and career expectations were compromised in your performance in “Valley of the Dolls,” you’ve come to terms with it magnificently.

Duke: I’ve had a lot of help. [laughs] When it came out it was a true disappointment, and I was a true disappointment to me. I was in some fairyland I guess, thinking we were telling an honest story on how people get addicted to success and substances. What a crock! [laughs] I was just mortified.

At any rate, about 10 years after it premiered, the gay community across the United States sort of took it up as their anthem. At first I was a little shocked that people would sit and laugh at stuff that I thought was so serious. But as the years have gone by they and it have brought me tremendous joy and an exchange of love with people that I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for that movie. Going back to the actual filming, did you trust that director Mark Robson was getting the truest take on the performances, or did you suspect that the ship was sinking?

Duke: I didn’t trust Mr. Robson and he has passed, so I will try and not speak ill of the dead. To say that we didn’t communicate, is a major understatement. Plus which, he pissed me off a great deal at the time. Instead of getting out of me the performance he thought he wanted, he got a battle. Is it any wonder the film came out as it did?

Duke: You know, one would have to look toward the source, wouldn’t one? But so many other things came out it, including being friends with Sharon Tate. One of the true highlights of my life. And of course, later, one of my more painful experiences when she was murdered. Did a lot of Los Angeles think the party was over after that?

Duke: Everyone was beyond terrified. Right after, no one had known who had done this and why, certainly Sharon had never garnered any evil from anyone. So people got guard dogs and alarmed their houses to the hilt. I mostly just felt deep sadness and depression, it didn’t occur to me that anyone would be after me.

Here's a new beautiful sketch of Sharon in art from "The Fearless Vampire Killers":

And here's a great publicity photo of Sharon on this link and it includes copyright rules for celebrity photographs in case you have ever wondered...

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