Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Art of Sharon, Movie Posters from her films and Polanski's "The Ghost" gets 'awards boost' from Film Comment

Here is some new art I have found on Sharon from Deviant Art, Flicker and just searching Google:

I like the colorization of the top photo.

Another cool one from 'FVK'.

I had to edit this one because, although it is very nice, it has something to do with the murders.  But the girl who did it was doing it for a criminal justice class, so I guess I see why she did it the way she did.  If you want to see the full version:

However, for the best Sharon art (in my biased opinion!) is always Kerstien's

Her link is here:

Here is a site that has some reproduction movie posters of Sharon's films:


And Roman's latest gets a boost from a top industry film magazine:


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