Friday, September 5, 2014

Books on Sharon

Please be sure to check out this link for a must owned book for any and every Sharon collector:

Also, more books are coming out on Sharon:

Sharon Tate (Kindle Book on Amazon) by Andrew York

Time Being Books is publishing a poetry collection, Sharon Tate and the Daughters of Joy by David Herrle.  It contextualizes the lives and dooms of Sharon Tate, Queen Marie Antoinette and Mary Jane Kelly (one of the victims of Jack the Ripper) with the topics of beauty, art, mortality, atrocity and hope.  The sixth and final section of the book (“Charlie Manson and the Scorpion Children”) deals with the Manson scumbags and Sharon’s fate.  In a penultimate prose drama, so to speak, the narrator lives out the fantasy of saving Sharon (and her friends) from Watson, Atkins and Krenwinkel.

Here is a rare photo I'd like to share of Sharon:


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