Friday, May 6, 2011

Car Driver Formula One Star Jackie Stewart remembers Sharon and will work with Polanski on New Project, Summitridge former "Valley of the Dolls" Stars House Up for Sale, New Sharon Auction Autograph, More Sharon Tate on Ebay, Some New Sharon Photo Sites and New Art Work for the Sharon Tate Art Gallery.

Sir Jackie Stewart, a Formula One Car Driver remembers Sharon and is looking forward to working with Roman Polanski on a new film:

Sir Jackie to film with pal Polanski

Excited: The Stewarts
Excited: The Stewarts

Fugitive film director Roman Polanski’s next project will have an unlikely star, former Formula One driver Sir Jackie Stewart.

Sir Jackie, 71, has been a close friend of Polanski for nearly four decades and featured in his 1972 film, Weekend Of A Champion.

In the movie, Polanski filmed Stewart’s victory in the 1971 Monaco Grand Prix, the year he won the first of his three world championships.

Sir Jackie will feature in Polanski’s remake of the film to be shot later this month at the Monaco Grand Prix.

At this week’s Great Scot Awards in Boisedale restaurant in Canary Wharf, Sir Jackie, accompanied by his wife Helen, admits he is excited at the prospect of working with Polanski again.
‘He is a very old friend,’ Sir Jackie tells me. ‘I knew his first wife, Sharon Tate, really well and liked her. My son Mark is involved in film-making and I am flying out for the remake, which will focus on this year’s Grand Prix at Monaco.’

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Apparently, Summitridge is up for sale.  If everyone remembers correctly, Patty Duke had the house in the mid 60s and Sharon and Roman lived in it for awhile before they moved into Cielo Drive( Thanks to Melissa and Laurax for this information) :

Here is a new auction that has many stars that have signed a book including Sharon:

Look at the second photo ;)  Thanks for the information from Melissa in Georgia! (And from the Official Sharon Tate Board: )

And her is an auction that was on a while ago, a two page paper written by Sharon as a little girl:

More new and rare photos of Sharon appearing on Ebay:
With Philippe Forquet.

Guest-starring on 'The Man From Uncle.'

Above with Dean Martin.

Sharon with Tony Scotti at the "Valley of the Dolls" promotion lunch.

Paul Tate above.

Mia Farrow with Sharon.

Here are a few more sites that have some high-resolution photos of her on them:

And here are a couple of more sites, one on Marilyn Monroe and one on the 60s that mention Sharon:

Here is some new Art of Sharon to add to our Gallery:

From searching Google:

And more from Deviant Art:
A nice one above featuring Vampires in movie history, including our Sharon. ;)

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  1. George Vreeland HillJune 14, 2011 at 11:50 PM

    Sharon Tate was a beautiful woman both inside and out.
    She was a warm, caring person who loved life.
    Her best years were ahead of her, but she never got to see that time.
    However, Sharon is alive in our hearts.
    God bless her.

    George Vreeland Hill