Friday, April 22, 2011

And the Picture Marathon Continues on Ebay, Some New Art of Sharon, Another This is Not Sharon Photo, Vincent Bugliosi on God? New Manson Movie Reaches An All Time Low..., Jewelry Like Sharons, An Auction for a Letter Written by Sharon, and Screencaptures from The Man From Uncle episode with Sharon

Ebay has yet more new and rare photos and memorabilia on Sharon:

I think this is actually Connie Kreski above?

With Peter Sellars

With Roddy McDowall.

A very rare one with Philipe Forquet.

Speaking of Sharon on ebay, I found this picture of Catherine Deneuve in her early days and she looks so much like Sharon in her younger years that I decided to post it as well:

Also, on ebay is a very nice art piece:

And please tell this guy this is NOT Sharon!  He has been selling this photo it seems like for eons and it is just not ever going to sell because it is not her.  It looks more like Cybill Shepherd to me.  What do you think?

Vincent Bugliosi on God now? Here's the link:

Just when you thought anything to do with Manson could not reach any lower, here is news that singer Marilyn Manson might just play 'Tex' in a Manson bio film.  Yes, it is the one they have been talking about Lindsay Lohan playing Sharon. :

Here is a link on a girl who does all kinds of macrame and she has a piece that is sort of like one of Sharon's real life jewelry pieces:
Email her at:

Sharon's is seen in these photos:

New Auction this week with Sharon's writing and signature:

And here are some screencaps of The Man From Uncle episode with Sharon:

Thanks to Paul for the link. ;)

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!  My best to you!


  1. I have no idea who that actress is in the photo wearing the white halter dress, but that is NOT Sharon! What happened to fact-checking before listing things on eBay? @_@

  2. I ever told this guy this is not Sharon, but Cybill Sheperd yes.
    It seems he don't want to change anything about his auction.

  3. It is defo not Sharon ! (like we even need to debate this one,lol).