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New Interview with Barbara Parkins, Sharon and Tri-Lakes, Interesting New Comments Made by Samantha Geimer and Some Good News for Polanski's Next Film, More Great Finds at Ebay, An Odd Video Cover for '12 + 1', New Sharon Tate Art, New Blog That Mentions Sharon and New Photo of Debra

Barbara Parkins of TV’s “Peyton Place” (1964), “Valley of the Dolls” (1968).  If there is anybody who represents the zeitgeist of the 1960s, it’s Barbara Parkins. The ABC-TV prime time soap opera Peyton Place, which was on the air from 1964-1969, was a sensation (and where Mia Farrow and Ryan O’Neal made their debuts). Parkins followed that up with the infamous film Valley of the Dolls, and her friendship with co-star Sharon Tate resulted in her participating as maid of honor at the wedding between Tate and director Roman Polanski.

Since then, she has done mini-series in the 1970s, and even came back for a reprise role in the TV movie, “Peyton Place, The Next Generation” (1985). How difficult was the schedule for Peyton Place, which at its peak aired three times a week, and at what point was the schedule too much?

Barbara Parkins: From the very beginning. The reason I say that is when you do a series, you’re up at five in the morning, you finish at eight at night. You take off your make-up, you get some sort of meal, learn your lines and get ready to repeat it the next day. When we did three days a week we were on overload, and didn’t get paid for it. Since you participated in their wedding, how do you think the tragedy of Sharon Tate effected her husband Roman Polanski, and do you think the authorities should leave him be at this point?

Parkins: First, what Roman went through with his family during the Holocaust was horrific [his parents died in concentration camps], and equally horrific was what he went through when Sharon was murdered in such a devastating way. Obviously it had an impact on his life.

In regard to the present situation, I’m glad he didn’t come back here. It would have been a media circus and have gone on forever. Leave him alone now, he’s been through hell. Why were critics so cruel, in your opinion, when Valley of the Dolls was released, and do you feel vindicated that it has become a cult classic?

Parkins: I wasn’t even aware that the critics were mean towards the film. I was just enjoying the ride because it was my first big movie, and I loved it. In retrospect, it is a big corny, the costumes and dialogue were over the top, but there was some drama with the pills and the fame, so it’s longevity is extraordinary. Finally, what can you tell us about Sharon Tate that the rest of the world doesn’t know?

Parkins: Most people know that she was kind and sweet, and had an innocence about her. Her gentleness was very special, and it was a big loss.

Interview from:

Here is a mention of Sharon for the Tri-Lakes Washington area:

Here are some very interesting new interviews with Samantha Geimer on Polanski:

And here is some wonderful news for Polanski and fans of his films:

Here are some more great finds that have appeared on ebay recently:

Here is a very odd cover of a video for '12 + 1' that showcases Orson Welles instead of stars Sharon and Vittorio Gassman?  Of course, all the photos of the stars shown are also from early in their careers.  Sorry, I couldn't find a bigger scan:

New Sharon art here:

And here is a new blog site that includes photos of Sharon and other great blondes:

On that blog, Allison shows some great photos of Sharon and she mentions Sharon being in the UK Elle for March, 2011 for hair inspiration and shows a great rare '12 + 1' poster that I have never seen.  Thanks so much for sharing.  Also, be sure to keep a watch on her blog, as she has more rare memorabilia that she wants to share with us!

And finally, here is a new photo of Debra that I had not seen before:

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