Friday, July 24, 2009

Stylish Sharon Tate

Sharon's style is copied so much today that it makes you wonder what she thought of when choosing just the right attire for the day. I found this interesting short article on her where she describes the motivation behind her iconic style:

Los Angeles Times - October 24, 1967

Sharon Tate's Big Discovery

Sharon Tate, chosen for a sexy role in 20th Century-Fox's "Valley of the Dolls", told me: "I think it is a mistake for a girl to work at having sex appeal or to pay too much attention to popularity. Making friends is something that should develop naturally as you develop."

"At school I was a lone wolf, and I feel I enlarged my horizons by not being preoccupied with being part of the pack. I have always tried not to be a rubber stamp of my environment.

"The best advice I can offer is to listen and watch. In this way you learn to know who you are and what you want. Men are attracted to women who seem to have solved their problems, who face life with calm assurance."

We talked about the beautiful clothes Sharon wears in this picture. "I go to the Paris collections often, but I do not make mistakes since I've learned no to be hypnotized by a name. The enthusiasm for a creation is one thing. What the dress will do for you, how well is suits your needs is another. When I buy I try to picture the whole outfit. You must coordinate if you want to look your best."

"Some clothes are designed to be sex symbols, but the girls who wear them have to have other things going to find success with men."

Sharon went to school in Verona. "Living with the Italians made me realize how much appreciation they have for beauty in the arts, environment and in personal expression. With this attitude I discovered a new kind of femininity."

By Lydia Lane

Good to know she wasn't just attracted to a famous name label for a name alone.

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